Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


It’s strange because Apex didn’t have connection issues and that had 25 million new users in a week.


I’m in. Just finished the prologue.


I got in, and then the game hung when I chose M or F voice…

I might wait a bit…


Just starting Trial download as a Basic Access member here…


So I realize this was probably mentioned somewhere back in the dungeon depths of this thread, but - you have to be an Origin/Access member in order to play today, or at least before next Friday? I’m not really all that bent out of shape, I had dedicated the weekend to some Crackdown fun, I’m just curious.


I thought that was true but it’s so hard to keep track :)


Twitch streams are going now… the NPC interactions are miles ahead of Andromeda’s turbo trash. Facial animations are very well done.


Well then I’ll thank god for the small favor that I don’t have to listen to yet another round of ‘what’s wrong with your FAAAAACE’ bitching, then.


Hey, the terrible animations in Andromeda helped them obscure the ultimate lack of compelling gameplay and content, so maybe it worked out for them.


That’s a valid point, in my experience the people inclined to bitch about things generally find something to bitch about, so I’ll just hang out and wait to see what manages to cross the finish line first. I’m putting two dollars on server/connectivity issues, myself.


Seems to be working okay now. It was a 10 minute hiccup AFAICT.


You can play the first part while it’s still downloading. Pretty cool. Not sure I’ve ever seen that actually work meaningfully before. Other times you get as far as the main menu for games that claim to do this :)


Everyone but Sony customers can play this.

What are you doing, Sony!. Sony, you dropped the ball!, You fucked up, Sony!.



Think Guildwars1 or 2 was one of the first games that offered streaming in the background while playing. And it worked great very well.

Been watching some Twitch streams of this game… and the UI on PC looks horrendous.

Gameplay wise it looks a bit like a multiplayer mass-effect like game, coupled with some Monster Hunter World, so I suppose it is a levelup and complete story then uninstall type affair, or is it loot grinding at endgame, like Diablo?


The UI’s not bad. Or rather, it’s a familiar console port kind of bad :)


Yep, was GW1, and it downloaded the entirety of the game into one container file making it super easy to move it around between hard drives or computers as well. They were amazing at the technical stuff, especially since this was in early 2005! I guess not much of a surprise when it was a lot of the people that were responsible for rolling out the original infrastructure.


They have made a bunch of changes. Some of those may not be in until the 22nd. I don’t expect it to be great, but it was terrible during demo, so hopefully better.

Definitely supposed to be a long, involved endgame sort of game.


You get past the UI in about 5 minutes. 98% of the time, you’re not using it. It only matters for crafting/ loadouts/ starting missions.

They’ve definitely improved the PC flight controls. It took some tweaking and testing with the sliders, but I like how my colossus flies now.


Streaming it now, apparently there is no way to disable HDR(?) so it will look terrible®. :-)


The game looks bland. I hope when I get to play it don’t bore me has much watching streams.