Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


A youtuber goes into detailed description of issues of the endgame, after playing 30 hours
edit : you are right Rock8man!


HRose posted that 4 hours ago. Surprisingly, he posted it here, not on his blog.


It’s a throwback…

You must gather your party before venturing forth!


I’m trying to quick play a lot and I’ve got the chance of getting into a non bugged mission at maybe 50%. That’s not to say that missions bug out at 50%, only that quick play feeds you into missions that people have dropped out of because they’re bugged.


Heck yes, Collosus changes. Being able to revive with shield out and faster shield switching will be a great boon.


Saw a pretty neat suggestion on the EA forum today to have the colossus shield redeploy automatically after a skill is used or firing a gun. Not sure that really works for guns (because of the animations to put the gun away and take it back out), but would be a cool idea for gear, maybe.


I don’t think I would like this. Using your shield correctly seems to me an important part of Colossus gameplay. Just having it out permanently is “lazy” and not the best way to play I feel. But YMMV of course. The biggest issue with shield use is the sluggish deployment right now, especially when fighting Titans I feel they are not responding quick enough to properly protect from Titan area effects. I hope the patch will fix this.


Yea, colossus play is all about how much you can use the shield. Learning the class is about learning to fly with the shield on, how to change positions with the shield on, defending yourself with the shield, attacking with the shield. Everything else is using your skills, but these are not that different than the other classes, or powers in other games.


My main issue with the colossus shield is that it’s inconsistently usable with other skills and weapons.

Some shoulder weapons can be used while the shield is deployed, but others can’t, and it’s not clearly indicated which are which.


This one is pretty negative one, but it really goes into detail of what fails and why.


Dude, that guy says that combat is bad, which is pretty much the opposite of what virtually everyone says.

And I mean, I played this game. Saying the combat is bad, is wrong. The combat is extremely good.


A fair share disagree, from what I read. Myself included.


From what I remember about Colossus, isn’t there only one shoulder weapon that shoots while the shield is up, the Lightning Coil? Because it’s a kind of self-targeting, passive, turn it on and forget about it kind of weapon?

If so, it’s not really “some weapons can be used while the shield is up and others can’t”, it’s more like “you can’t use weapons while the shield is up with one exception”.

Oh and, whoever says that combat is not fun in this game is certifiably crazy. :) You can nick this game for many things but the sheer minute to minute combat fun is not one of them.


This guy makes one mistake that I think a lot of folks make.

He suggests that enemy weapons are hitscan. In reality, they aren’t hit scan, but they have some slight tracking.

What this means is that simply wiggling around on foot will be largely ineffective for dodging most shots.

But that’s not how you should be moving (unless you’re a colossus). Other Javelins should be using their dodge… like, you should be using your dodge CONSTANTLY. It cools down almost instantly. You should be using it as your primary movement when in combat.

And when you do this, you actually can dodge shots, because while they track, they won’t track far enough to catch you after a dodge, much less after a full chained dodge like with the interceptor. But you see when he’s playing the interceptor, he’s rarely if ever using his dodge at all, and he’s never chaining the dodges. This is a major mechanic of the interceptor (of all javelins, but the interceptor more than any, since he has 3 dodges). When you chain the dodges, you can instantly dash extremely far, and you can cross the field really fast.

I see a lot of folks playing this like destiny with more skills… that’s not how it’s designed to be played. In combat, you should be constantly dodging and flying around.

Again, I think I only saw this actually explained in the game itself ONCE, as a little popup info thing, that I easily could have missed since it was during combat. But poorly explaining their mechanics is classic Bioware.


I think that’s actually the shock coil, which is an AOE damage? The Lightning coil shoots in front of you… but ya, I think the lightning coil does work with the shield up. But the shock coil doesn’t? It’s very weird.


Yeah, this game needs A LOT more explanation of the various combat mechanics.

Depending on loadout, my Level 28 Storm can be a god on the battlefield to being completely worthless.

Fire = Great. Explosive.

Ice storm = Great damage, and it freezes opponents, including turrets!

Lightning = CRAP. CRAP. CRAP. CRAP. CRAP. I outfitted my Storm with lightning and did a fraction of the damage that I did with Fire and Ice Storm. I assume that’s because it’s supposed to be a trigger for combos, assuming another member of your team uses Ice to freeze them. But who the hell has that kind of coordination in public matchmaking? You can’t even change your loadout after the expedition begins; only at Fort Tarsis.


I’m not thrilled with the normal gunplay so far. Flying, hovering, ground movement, and using the magic powers is all good, but the normal gun combat is boring. Destiny at least got the shooting right by having enemies with varied and interesting attack patterns combined with guns that mattered. Here, it all feels pretty lackluster.

It doesn’t help that the loot sucks, so higher-level guns feel as insubstantial as the regular ones.


What javelin are you playing?
Some javelins leverage guns much, much more than others. Hell, some loadouts more than others.

For instance, when playing a storm, I rarely ever use my gun. I’m always shooting my space magic all over.

For my interceptor, I’m using my gun a lot more, but it’s usually a short range beatstick, like a shotgun or a machine-pistol, while I’m dodging really fast around targets. The ranger I tended to use as a long range shooter in a more traditional destiny like shooter role, but also because I had limitations in how many skills I had unlocked for it.


No, it is lightning coil (detonator). Shock coil (primer) can’t do that. It’s why people have been using the lazy lightning coil/flamethrower build. Names are too darned similar.


I think I did quickplay 4 times last night and got stuck in one bugged instance. I’ve seen it a few other times as well. What was weird about last night’s bugged instance was that I couldn’t even quick the mission. Pressing/holding F just brought up the warning and then did nothing. I had to quit out of the game to clear it.

To answer my earlier question about quickplay selecting the last mission, I did get the same mission all 4 times, and it was the last one I did. Granted my pool isn’t that large (I’m maybe 6 missions in?), but I would’ve expected at least a few of the others.

I did also get hit by a bug that I saw during the last demo. Quickplay #3 completed normally, and when I completed #4, the mission end was a replay of #3, complete with the same team (not the ones I grouped with from #4) and my XP ended up at the same point as well (I hit level 8 in #3, and it showed the same in #4, even with the “new javelin unlocked” message). I believe the loot was at least different.