@tgb123, I think you could of beaten me last turn if you bought that bribe, right?

In any case, I’m sure I will be losing soon - very well played on your part! You got me in the beginning and the entire rest of the game (as short as it is!) I felt like I was just reacting and scrambling trying to recover.


Nice game @tgb123. Sorry I didn’t make it more interesting for you!


Don’t feel bad - it was fun. I’ve been on the receiving end myself, too many times to count.


Loving the multiplayer so far, quick, simple fast but interesting turns, decently slick system for turn prompts.

Could contend for a place along with old favourites Hero Academy and Star Realms but with less randomness. Complexity level is somewhere between those and games like Battle Academy and Frozen Synapse.

I reserve the right to return and trash-talk how rubbish multiplayer is after I get crushed in all my current games :-P


I posted this on steam as well as I am not sure where to place feature suggestions and balancing discussion.

Thoroughly loving this game. I bought into first access but had a break from the game waiting for online matchmaking to be released. Now that this feature exists the game is excellent. Just 2 things:

Will a more in depth online ranking system will be developed? I like how loses or win %'s are not shown publicly but some kind of rating/mmr/ELO system would be great.

Also a balance issue I noticed. I was playing a game in the masquerade map. The map starts with an NPC thug spawning on both sides in the same location, just south of the hideouts. However all the following NPC thugs spawned on my opponents half of the map for the following 5+ turns. With no ability to level my gang I lost gang control very early on and the game snowballed from there. I have only noticed this occurring once but it can be very crippling. Possibly something that may need to be looked at.


Keep up the great work.


@Tyjenks - Thanks. I needed a good ass kicking.


Don’t feel bad. @robc04 just killed me.


It’s funny because @tgb123 is the one who just killed me!


I think some of it has to do with the randomness of the map. I’ve had some games where I started off in a really lousy position.


I played my first multiplayer game last night and got trounced by one of the guys in the top 5.

I gather that the best opening move is to get a gang and level up his attack. Is there any way of making a comeback if you lose your gang? Is it feasable to to not use gangs as your opening strategy?


Gangs are very important, but not critical most of the time. It is all map-dependent. If you are going for assassinations, they are nice. If you are going for evictions, they are nice. If you are going for general map control they are nice. However, spend too many resources on the gang instead of VPs and you’ll lose. It is always a balancing act with most maps. That’s what makes the game so dynamic.


About to jump back into this, and open for games with anyone as soon as I get re-registered.

If you haven’t already, definitely check out Keith Burgun’s blog. He makes a distinction between input randomness and output randomness that I think is pretty helpful in discussing these sorts of things, though I think he tends to be a bit overly dogmatic in applying the ideas.


Oh! Thanks for these, I look forward to giving them a read.


Most of the Ludology podcasts (the hosts are board game designers) have great discussions of game theory including discussions in the most recent one of input and output randomness related to the roll and move mechanism in board games. If you like those sorts of discussions, they discuss board games predominantly but often cover videogame related topics as well.


@geggis, our map is out of coin… NO COINS!

The walls are up!


It’s a wasteland of empty houses and tough thugs. The bank and estates are boarding themselves up! It feels weird being past turn 20…

It’s been a great game but I’m a little irked with that last turn where my new gang decided to spawn on the same tile as your thug and move on to the other side of it instead of spawning in the empty space next to my guild hall. @Goatgoatgoat, I’m not sure what the logic is for spawning purchased units but I’d expect them to spawn in the closest visible and unpopulated tile to the guild hall, not just the one at the front.

Edit: will post a screenshot up once I’ve defeated @lordkosc (zing!)


Then we will never see a screenshot ;)

At this point whoever wins, its been a tough long brutal gg! 20 freaking turns!


Definitely! I feel like I should have snatched more VPs sooner on account that I held a number of trading houses and the bank for most of the game but I simply put that down to you forcing me into a myriad of tough decisions and slowing me down with your damn thugs. In other words: well played you bastard sir.


I sorta wish big city had a monument in the middle, that if you could hold for say 2 turns (like the boat) that it would earn you 1 VP. The map just needs another way to earn VPs.


I like Big City because it’s lacking that. I think boiling the VPs down to the base three encourages a lot more underhanded play and creativity. I mean, look at our game now, it’s practically a puzzle that’s constantly adapting and threatening to trip either one of us up.