You could always buy more - but the cost of each increases by 1 lantern after a purchase.


I’m pretty sure that in the past when I tried to purchase a second upgrade I would get a message saying I couldn’t because I had already purchased something.


You cannot buy an upgrade if you take charity (coin or lanterns), and vice versa.


If you take charity, you lose the option to buy any upgrades that turn.

*edit— dammit Ron!


Suicidal invite sent. In-game mentoring will be welcome. I’ve yet to win an MP game, and I can only win the campaign maps on easy. Clearly I need hand-holding.


@Tyjenks It’s rare I get more than two assassination VPs but that game I got four! I’ve sent you another invite :-)


Of course you did. :) The damn guys kept slithering away


Am I in the middle of a game with anyone? I’m out of town.


@geggis, are you back and ready to get your arse whooped ? :p


Haha, I am yes, just been quite busy these let few days so not wanted to start too many games! Chuck an invite my way though good sir! ;)


If you beginners want to beat up on someone who played a lot of the early access (but has forgotten everything since), send me a challenge.

Game name is Gruntled



Also up for challenges should anyone want a marginally skilled opponent. I can say my random matches have been not going so well. :)


GG @Tyjenks , you nerfed yourself getting all them bribes so early.


@lordkosc and @geggis I am away this coming week, thus delaying my demise in the games we’re playing. Apologies, not sure if there’s a timing out of MP games or not. I decided not to bring my laptop on vacation. If they timeout, I will send challenges again in a week. Thanks.


No worries! I think games timeout after three days so send an invite when you’re back. Enjoy your vacation @tylertoo! :)


Yeah, that’s the game in which I decided to maybe not do that ever again. ;)

Good game


gg @gruntled, did you hit the bank trap with all your thief moves? I have been doing that alot in my games, and it seems really effective if pulled off. As it seemed to really slow you down. :)
You had many lanterns!


I’ve only played a couple of games since firing this back up, and I’m struggling to re-establish enough planning discipline to make sure I don’t come up 1 move short (which obviously means I often cripple myself by being 1 move short…). Doesn’t help that I don’t fully understand how this new map works. I had no idea one could claim both palace prizes in the same turn. I’d have certainly trapped the stockades - not that it would have made any difference in the long run.


Back from vacation. Sent new invites to @geggis, @lordkosc, @Tyjenks so you can pad your win totals!


gg @geggis , the struggle was real as you tried to get that 1 last lantern. :p

DENIED said the game! And my glorious victory preceded.

How I felt after I read your in game comment: