This map seems to slap me around like a gang attacking an urchin.


Game matched me up with @Goatgoatgoat , fun times!


To be fair @lordkosc, this map was skewed in my favour. I know I didn’t touch the bank until late on but the church and double trading houses as well as two henchmen right on my door step helped me get an early lead.

Feel free to send me an invite so you get a chance to go first. Not sure it makes much difference but it keeps things balanced!


Will do, yeah that map layout along with losing my gang so early was just a downward spiral of sadness for me.


Most players who beat me kill my gang first so I decided to be the aggressor this time while I had the chance!


Down to 4 active games right now, so if anyone wants to send an invite, please do. :)

@Tyjenks and @tylertoo are you guys still playing?


I would like to, but life for me is very…inconsistent at the moment and I am afraid I will start games and then they will expire. I think I did that already to a couple of folks and I apologize.


No worries! A few of my games have nearly expired recently due to longer periods away from home. Anyway, if you ever fancy a game, you know where we are!


I’m currently obsessed with a mobile game, Through the Ages. Which, like Antihero, I cannot beat. I do intend to return to Antihero, which will be one of my top 5 GOTYs.


Great game @lordkosc, I thought you’d well and truly got me after I lost my trading house. Really happy to have won without a single assassination but with two masquerade thefts too.

Send me another invite if you want to go first.


Will do, at the end there I was getting pinned in, heh.


I was tempted to put an extra thug in somewhere but I was trying to be as economical as possible to ensure I had the coin to trap and finish off the churches!

Edit: one of my favourite things in this game is getting to the point where you need coin but you can see most of the map has been raided but there’s a few dark buildings left… which ones will still have big bags of coin? That’s a mind game!


@lordkosc I’m not home yet so don’t spoil what’s happening in our game, but all I wanted to say was: KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSC!

I made a few mistakes a couple of turns back that I was convinced were going to kosc me the game (hence the ‘gg’). It’s been a great game though, regardless of the victor!

Edit: @Goatgoatgoat the higher resolution icons look so much better btw!


Yeah I have been playing a bit conservative lately, I’ve lost a few games due to this.

I still think you have this one. ;)

I must do better to channel my inner Masschoas.

@Goatgoatgoat where is the Android mobile version? :D


Android and iOS are very close to complete. All the screens have been mobile-ified - I’m just cleaning up the tutorial and adding platform integrations to support achievements and push notifs and whatnot. (Then it’ll need to get QA’d and enter the Apple + Google review waitlists, so realistically it’s about a month out.)


That’s great news. Antihero seems a perfect fit for mobile.


Yeah, I’m hoping it sells quite a bit better there than it has on Steam…


@geggis , I was wondering if you played much vs randoms so I checked the leaderboards, and it seems not?

10-22-2017 1-23-56 PM

10-22-2017 1-24-13 PM


Haha, no, I did for a while but I found that I prefer fewer games on the go because I forget what my opponent’s done. I’m not sure which leaderboard that is but I’m never going to compete on quantity of wins that’s for sure!


gg @geggis, sorry about the wall of thugs. :)

Was the bank giving you 3 or 1 coins? I never scouted it.