I’m finally back to my computer! So, who’s still playing this and up for a game?


@lordkosc and I are still playing! Shoot me an invite when you’re ready. It’s ‘geggis’ in-game too.


Great! I’ve sent you both invites.


Welcome back!


Thanks! It’s good to be back.


gg @lordkosc. Your estate trap tipped the balance at the last minute. It was enough to deny me coins to hire an assassin!


gg @geggis, thought I had this lost early on , when you raided my starting trade house. :p

Yessss :D


It was either spend money on a saboteur to trigger a possible trap (and not have enough for an assassin) or just go for broke and possibly win or screw myself. I could have gone for your gang but I was close enough to victory to risk it. I will say though, those two churches close to you were difficult to get at, made worse by the henchman clogging up the centre of the map.


Oh yes, them delicious henchmen were feeding my gangs. Round before last, with the 2 gangs , the 2 coin my thief gets for a kill, and bank, I pulled in 13 coin that turn. :D


Don’t forget the church too! It was pretty crazy how many henchmen were around those churches.


gg @Otthegreat , its a tough map when you haven’t played in awhile.


gg! Hopefully I can make the next game a bit more exciting.


gg @geggis , the coin income I had once the bank was up and running was immense, and far enough out of the way to be nice and safe.


gg @Otthegreat , getting better every time we play.


gg! I was really trying to think of a way to beat you to the last vp, but there simply wasn’t enough time for me to kill the target and deliver the bribes. That thug you placed in front of the Agency was a pain!


@geggis Stop killing my gang!


No! Your gangs need pacifying all the time.


gg @Otthegreat! Steam went down this morning during my Chaos Reborn turn hence why that wasn’t taken.

Send me another Antihero invite! :-)

@Goatgoatgoat really loving the new map btw. Bribes aren’t a foregone conclusion now! I think @lordkosc is seeing if he can win the map without any ;-)


gg! Invite sent. I probably shouldn’t have ignored the heirlooms all game, considering you got 3 vps out of that alone!


gg @Otthegreat , I new it was gonna be over once I saw you had both churches near the end.