gg! The 2 traps I hit really set me back, one of which lost me all 4 moves on my thief! Was refreshing to play against someone who I am not as familiar with.


FTFY ;-)



gg @Otthegreat and @belouski. I wanted to start new games with you both but for some reason the Android version was saying that you didn’t exist so I’ll do it later from my PC.

The palace map is one I mucked up loads belouski. I knew how to play it but for whatever reason I’d just have these momentary lapses where I’d do something dumb and totally hobble my game. There’s a very particular order to getting the palace jewels: you’ve got to have your attacks ready for the towers (gang + dagger), coin ready for hiring thugs (to infiltrate the towers), and then an action to get into the palace. Each step is an opportunity to waste your opponents resources to prevent them from being able to go for the jewels, in one turn at least. Traps are a huge spanner in the works too.


Yeah, the Palace definitely needs some planning ahead, which is antithetical to how I usually play Antihero. I prefer a more Zen-like reacting to circumstances as they arrive play style. We’ll see if I can get the old brainpan to shift gears.


Thought you were going to have me on this game @lordkosc. I was one lantern away from a game-ending bribe earlier. Later, when I needed coin, I got a lantern so wasn’t able pressure you as much as I’d wanted.


gg , yeah I had way too many estates around me, by the time I worked my way left, you had the other trade house already.


Old Custard is the best name for a bank.


Neither of us went for the pub, strange game all in all. :p


Anyone having issues with the mobile app? I am getting constant timeout errors after every turn, going on 2 days now. And I am on wifi. :|


Not had a chance to take any turns today but will check later.


I can’t even sign in now to the app. @Goatgoatgoat RED ALERTS?

***And nope, I can log on now. But still cannot successfully submit turns.


All fine on my end! And send me a game invite too :p


Invited! Yeah I am good to go again, maybe it was my local network? D:


gg @Otthegreat , so much fighting over that estate jewel. :)

Thugs won the day for me again.


gg! I was kind of hoping you’d put me out of my misery in that one. As I mentioned in the in-game chat, this is definitely where I saw the problem @geggis was talking about. Those three health thugs were impossible to deal with. Even if I was able to break out, I couldn’t actually do anything since my thief’s attack had already been used up for the turn. I wonder if the dock map is particularly bad for that since there’s no back exit to your HQ, and the map seems smaller and more constricted in general.


I think you are right about this map being a little more thug friendly, unless you get really lucky with your building placement as I did in the example upthread.


I came home to a patch!


I tried shouting Lightfinger into the night sky and woke the neighbours up.


Picked it up for Ios. Played the first two campaign missions, looking forward to playing through it a bit more to get the options down.