Any good wireless headsets for gaming?

Now that I’m going to be living with people again I need a new headset for my laptop gaming. I’ve been using Microsoft 3000 USB headsets, which are good for sound quality but fragile (I’ve had two fall apart on me so far). I’m looking at wireless headsets now - I’ve seen one from Logitech and a couple of others, but I’m not sure I’d they’re any good. Anyone use one? I don’t really care about their chatting capabilities, just music, movies and gaming.

I’d like to repeat the question, but for a PS3.

Damn this thread. I just ordered the Logitech G930; it should be here on Monday. I hope it’s the cat’s pajamas.

So, the Logitech is fantastic. I’m in love. Sadly, my non-game friendly female companion has decided that she is “so happy I got it for her.”

I use the Creative HS-1200 currently but due to this thread, I’m now coveting that Logitech. I really like the features. Hal you need to give us a mini-review once you get it.

I got a Plantronics .Audio 995 a few months ago because pal I was playing with online sounded so good using his. I’ve been pretty happy with it. And I do not covet the Logitech, so there!

Very well, I’ll ignore the Charlatan and give a mini-review. :]

The headset is far better than any others (including Logitechs) that I’ve owned. As far as audio quality, it sounds like a better version of the old Z-680s, except that you can do it without bothering others.

My ladyfriend is a massively musical person (much to my dismay), and she’s taken over the headset to “massage her ears.”

Getting past the meaningless babble, they’re a breeze to install, but keep in mind that you do need to do some installation to get the full benefit out of them. The G keys on the side make me somewhat sad, mainly because I’d like more (only three) to program.

Out of the box, the set feels sturdy, and it has some fine metal construction in the innards. The memory foam makes them exceptional for at least four hour sessions, for me. They really do feel like a feather, even though they weigh more than the other sets I’ve owned.

The mic is decent, and the ability to mute is fantastic. The audio quality from it isn’t the best, but the inbuilt mic-gain feature is swell. The 7.1 is also fantastic, but you can switch it off with a move of your thumb, and that’s a blessing in some situations.

Here’s the audio review from my ladyfriend (she doesn’t have an account), since I really only use them for gaming, and have admitted on here that my anti-talent is music.


I know nothing really about electronics or fancy equipment, but I love these headphones! I am a total music junkie, and I’ll tell you what: from classical to metal to funk, etc. they produce an all-engulfing sound. I missed out on one of my favorite bands who was at Lollapalooza, Muse, and I went to Youtube and started browsing for their footage. Holy crap for crap, I felt like I was at the concert! From there, I searched for other videos of bands, and each time, the sound produced was amazing…they make it very easy to lose myself in the music.

With my cheap sound-canceling Sony headphones, the tones can sound tinny and forced. The Logitechs produce full, rich sounds along the whole musical spectrum, while blocking outside sounds. The easiest way I can explain these beauties is this: sultry, luscious, liquid sex to my ears. They even beat my klipsch speakers I use. Occasionally I think they could have done more with the bass, but they are better than everything else I have ever tried. Do yourself a favor and buy them!

Oh, and also…one of my favorite features is that I can get up and walk around and play air guitar with them on, without having a cord obstructing my flailings!

PS-I play guitar, piano, and accordion. I also sing. My manfriend is capable of none of these, so you should trust my musical review.



The sound reproduction isn’t spot-on, but they’re very comparable to having a nice 7.1 gaming speaker system that you can walk around with, which is fantastic. The bendy mic (along with red LED to tell you when you have it off), construction, battery life, and sound are good. I’d dock it a wee bit for the annoying method of charging, which centers around a circular dock for the USB stick. I’d love to see this thing have a cradle for charging, or a method like my Sonicare toothbrush, but instead what we get is an awkward bunch of cords that wrap in a circle around the base and plug into the headphones (so you can still listen when they’re charging), and are honestly an eyesore and a pain, and I swear I have to yank on them like I’m pulling traction on a broken femur just to disconnect.

Ok, so I know that this review is written in the haste to play Scrabble, but I’d say that they’re 4.5/5, and definitely recommended at the $99 price point.

The charging solution isn’t that unlike the Creative HS-1200’s so that part wouldn’t bother me. You end up playing while charging a lot anyway. I am glad to hear they have good sound and did I hear you correctly, they are circumaural (wrap fully around the ears?) If so, sold. Even if not, the programmable keys really make me want to order some. I love being able to walk away from the keyboard during multiplayer sessions but I really hate not having the ability to tell my friends I’ll be right back when they start asking for me. Those keys would let me bind something for Ventrilo/Teamspeak/Mumble.

Thanks for the review sir! And thanks for her review too!

They are indeed circumaural, and amazingly so: my ears don’t press much, so no getting itchy.

The programmable keys are large enough that you’ll not fumble, and I assume that you can do that on Ventrilo, but I haven’t tried. I’ve pasted a screen from my software; you can see that Ventrilo is supported natively.

You’re welcome for the review! Sorry for the 5th grade writing, too. I swear we were going to play Scrabble, as unlikely as I made it seem.

oo they upgraded the headset software it looks like. Time to see if that update went out for the g35s since that’s what I use.

What a very well laid out configuration screen. Can you tell me if the G-Keys also support mapping to something on the keyboard? As an example, if I bind all my voice apps to the same key, can I make one of the G-Keys perform that character send?

Thanks again for the info and screenshot Hal, I’m pretty sure you’ve sold it to me.

I think what you’re asking is something along the line of, “Can I map G1 to Num 8 or * on my keyboard?” (And if you have a macro for X button, will it work?)

From what I can tell, the answer is “Yes.” You’ll have to download a safe third party plugin like I did (took about 67 seconds from search to installed), and you can map to mouse buttons or whatever else.

Here’s a screenshot. You can see that I mapped a G key to the * and then tested out if it worked in Notepad. It did:

Keep in mind that I’m not an MMO guy, or that big into online games, so I didn’t test it through other applications.

EDIT: Here’s a link to the plugin that I’m using: Clicky the linky

And with that … ordered. Thank you again for the info. I should have it by this weekend.

Woo, thanks to JeffL’s 50% off Logitech’s site coupon code (Thanks Jeff!) I just ordered a pair of these shipped for under $90 bucks. No more cords torn out of headphones when my kids play sit and spin on my desk chair.

What are the best wireless headsets for the PS3/XBox 360?

I wish I knew the answer to that. I purchased a Turtle Beach and have not been happy with it. Any nearby wireless (and hey, who DOESN’T have that at the house these days,) causes a very nasty and loud static in my headset.

Thought: Both my 360 and PS3 sound is routed through a Sony AV receiver (just the one that came with my Sony soundbar.) Will the G930 somehow connect with the AVR? (but just realized, that would not allow me to use the mic. Damn.)

Got my new Logitech G930 last night and they are the BOMB. They are also very well designed, and attractive, even despite their size. Things I really like: the length of the charging cable/USB dongle, the indicator lights that tell just about everything, the programmable keys, the external sound deadening (circumaural for the win,) and the very plush padding.

HAL9000, you sir, deserve kudos for the recommendation! Now if you could just open the pod bay doors?

No problems! I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.

I managed to get Jane’s F-15 running on my old laptop (which dies every 30 minutes), and it’s awesome to here my pilot screaming about engaging defensive SA-9, chaff, chaff! Splash my bandit, that’s a kill!

In other news, that laptop also has a messed up USB port (nothing works right on it), and I absentmindedly clicked a notification when I plugged in the the dongle. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why my G930 wouldn’t work…then I realized, after 8 minutes, that I’d completely uninstalled the driver. Oops.

Going to build a new computer after I get back in town next Tuesday, so I’ll be able to hear the sounds of (insert game with the sounds of people dying here) in all its glory.

All I tested it with last night were Fallout: New Vegas and Eve Online. Both sounded great, but I couldn’t think of something with surround effects quickly enough to give it a go. I’ll have more fun with it this weekend.

Compared to my Creative headphones these just replaced, they have much more bass/low-mid sound, and sharper click sounds (cartridge reloading, menu selections, etc.) I’ll play with it on Mumble and Ventrilo this weekend to give the mic a workout.