Anyone else playing Demon's Souls?

Fired it up, and of course the servers are offline, but in the tutorial area I was surprised to see…a ghost! I didn’t realize those were sometimes generated by the game; I thought they were always other players. Did any of the other games do this, too?

Ah, the other Demon’s Souls thread has the info on private servers. The world population is extremely low (which might explain why they were shut off in the first place) and there’s no level limit on PVP so you’re very likely to get dicknosed by someone who’s played far more than you… But that was always my experience with PVP anyway (shoutout to cheaters in DS2.)

I don’t think Dark Souls had any NPC bloodstains, aside from the phantoms. They more or less served as the tutorial in Demon’s Souls iirc.

Does that private server thing work for Asian Demon’s Souls? Or just the Namco published version?

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It wasn’t a bloodstain, it was just a ghost who appeared and ran away, although it did run the way you’re supposed to go (not that there was any other option, really).

I have an imported version published by Atlus, no Namco. And the private server works perfect. I am mostly not in human form, so no invasions.

4-2 Shrine of storms took me a couple of hours (including the boss). The run to the boss is so long and there is so much that went wrong every run, even falling from the cliff … and the Reapers are a pain in the neck. And the gosts and there magic laser beam. The enemy placement is so that it does impede you the most. And then you die at the boss and everything again.

I enjoyed every second of it.

Huh, I actually saw another one in Stonefang Tunnel. It was clearly a “tutorial” ghost this time, as it was repeatedly pulling a lever needed to progress. The weird thing is, though, that by then you must have, of course, pulled a very similar lever in the first level to get to Phalanx, so this one seems entirely superfluous.

That Dragon God sure is something, huh?


So Bell Gargoyles, pretty much just Maneater(s) again, huh.

What an annoying boss.

Bell Gargoyles are not too bad… Concentrate on one of them, and try to get his tail off right off the bat. I actually kind of like that boss…

Maneater was annoying, mostly because he spent half the fight flying around doing nothing while my protection spells expired.

Wow, Valley of Defilement sucks ass.

I maybe agreed the first time I played but now I love it. And the boss at the end of that spoke is great.

Works pretty well so far.

Every time this thread is bumped, I cross my fingers for news of a confirmed remastered version.

It’s already here!

If you have an incredibly powerful pc.

From that link:

Bah. EU or US disc only. I have the Asian disc, so I guess I’m out of luck.

Oh wow, I just looked at the system requirements for the CPU. Ouch. My CPU is about 6 years behind the one required. Although that’s recommended specs. Minimum specs just say any x64 capable processor.

Alright I tried it out. After going through all that damned procedure, I don’t get a playable frame rate. So I’m going to delete everything again. It’s not even close to being playable on my machine, it’s a damned slide show and the audio cuts in and out and enemies in the tutorial area appear and disappear, it’s a complete mess on my meager machine.