Anyone using the Vivaldi 4.0 browser?

That’s so great to hear, thank you!

Trying to figure out what extensions I need.

  • Is there a built in screenshot function?
  • is there a built in function that lets you zoom or unzoom a web page?
  • is there a built in function to let you zoom a picture on a web page?

Yeah there’s a little camera in the lower right that lets you take shots. The zoom slider is there too. Not sure about zooming on individual images. You can right click and open the image in another tab, usually.

Ah, wasn’t paying attention to what was down there!

Wow there’s an image properties thingy.

If an image has been scaled, you can just click on it and it will display at full size. I don’t think it natively allows you to zoom further than that, but as Brian noted, you can open it in a new tab and then just use the built in zoom.

Where is the image properties thingy? And looking at your Vivaldi setup, I need to do some major learning of what I can do. Right now mine just looks like Firefox for the most part.

Oh this thing is customizable out the ying yang. I especially love the tab groups. Just drag tabs on top of each other and boom, tab group.

Also right-click an image, go to the image sub-menu and you’ll see image properties there.

I found Hover Zoom + which lets me do what I want to do. Basically I set it up so that, if I push the ctrl key and put the mouse cursor over an image on a page, it will display the image zoomed, or in the case of something like Twitter where the image in a Tweet is not the full image, it will show the full image,

Gonna switch over today, as once again Chrome is giving me the missing letters of text on QT3.

Wait what?

S  sor y to he r tha !

Sticking with Firefox.

R ght wit  you r i!

Did you actually try Vivaldi or are you just making a declarative statement?

I’ve tried it and I have multiple browsers (Brave, Opera, Opera GX, Vivaldi 4.0) installed for testing and have decided to keep using Firefox as my primary.

I think the underlying question was ‘why’. I still tend to use Firefox even over Vivaldi at the moment, purely because Tree Style Tabs will allow nested tabs. Vivaldi’s new-ish stacked tab/second tab bar concept might let me switch. But I just started using Simple Tab Groups along with Tree Style Tabs for easy context-switching (this is more an office thing than home thing) so that makes switching harder once again.

Every other browser can’t match Tree Style Tabs, so are a pass even beyond the usual privacy reasons.

I’m digging it for desktop, though it’s a damn nuisance that it doesn’t work for Android when it comes to Lastpass auto-fill.

But honestly the cases where I’d care if it works are less on mobile anyway, given that so many of those have their own specific apps anyway.

FWIW. I see at least three Tree Style Tabs extensions available for Vivaldi.

You are correct, imitators exist. I have nit-picky issues about all of them. Get off my lawn.

Learning to adapt to Vivaldi’s stack system is probably the closest out of any of them. Or, I can stick with Firefox too :)