AOE3 1.02 patch update done

Didn’t see this posted yet but I just checked over at and the new patch was release.


New hotkey editor added to the game
New large map set.
5 new large versions of popular maps have been added.
Fixed a sound crash issue.
Fixed a bug with sound being choppy
Fixed some performance issues with boat battles.
Fixed a D3D initialization error when launching the game.
Fixed a bug where the auto-patcher text was impossible to read.

Fixed an bug where disconnecting a player would lock up the game.
Switching home cities unchecks all players.
Quick search now uses the Standard Map set.
Fixed an issue where a user would get in a state that they could not host or join a game.
Fixed a number of multiplayer exploits.
New ESO privacy.
Updated a number of error and user messages.
Allow users to turn off enter/left chat messages on ESO.
New user.cfg commands to assist with router and direct IP issues

If anyone has any impressions of the large maps, I would like to know since I’m still borderlining buying it.

And you should hear the howls of outrage from the gosu peanut gallery about what hasn’t been fixed.

Whatever, I can be patient, as I’m not playing it much right now anyway. It’s not as though I’m one of those ES haters like Tom Chick.

I’ve gotten out of my system the howling about what hasn’t been fixed in Age III, and all before the patch was released!

I do, however, have one patch-related howl: there is no more attack move.

Smooth move, Ensemble. I cannot think of a single change that would force into the game even more micromanagement.


Yeah, I’m just going to cut my losses and return this game. Ugh. Maybe it’ll merit another look after several more patches. Can’t stand the blobby combat and there’s too much micro for my tastes.

This just in: Age of Mythology is still lots of fun. :)

Yeah, what the hell kind of move is that? Removing a feature from a game after release, and an important one at that? I guess not being able to attack move from the mini map wasn’t enough. ES is getting it backwards; Age 3 needs features added, not removed.

Note that there are known issues with the skirmish and multiplayer functions and they are currently unsupported functions. Enjoy the campaign!

(At least the above link offers a fix. Get ready to edit some text files.)

They removed attack move?! That’s the only hot key I memorize for RTSes :) Is the hot key maker any good? Well it’s a good thing I got in the mood for city builder games, I went back to Children of the nile and maybe tropico for abit.

There is a simple edit you can make to your .CON file to re-enable attack-move.


Q. You took attack move away! I want it back what can I do?
Note that there are known issues with the attack move function and it is currently an unsupported function.

If you still want to enable attack move and map it to a key, ‘a’ for example, do the following:

  1. Browse to My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\startup
  2. If a user.con file does not exist, create one (it is just a text file)
  3. Open the user.con file up and add the following line: map (“a”, “game”, “enterAttackMoveMode”)
  4. Save the file and close it.
  5. Launch the game.

As to why it was taken out in the first place? Well, miscommunications happen and as soon as we realized the mistake we took steps to try and correct it. I can guarantee you it wasn’t anyone maniacally cackling with glee about removing it. :)

Is it possible the attack move feature will be modified to be functional on the minimap at some point in the future? It’s a pain to not be able to issue attack move orders from the minimap.

The irony is that at this stage in the Age games there should be LESS micro, not more. I suck at micro, so any improvements to the interface are fine by me. Though I just have to wonder what Ensemble has been doing these many weeks. Them natives are restless!

No kidding. It’s a true masterpiece. AoE3 is fun, too, it just needs some screws tightened. Which is not to say that I’m being in any way critical…

I started a q23 clan called well. q23. Since the game has a clan game search feature in the quickmatch options I thought that we could get some good Q23 games going. If anyone wants to be invited I’m yurislave or just post your username here and I’ll add you. If anyone more reliable wants the clan leader position just let me know and I’ll transfer it to you.

I am so down with that. I’m trying not to play randomly, so I can actually get some work done, but I’d love a few games with clan-mates. Great idea.

I believe I’m Natus on ESO.

are you guys talking about AOE3 or AOM? I have a copy of that I could dust off and play.

AOE3 I think, and I’m in. OrphBC

There’s actually already a Qt3 clan called, appropriately enough, Qt3. I tried to send invites to OrphBC, Yurislave, and Natus, but it’s either busted, or the invitee has to be online. I suspect the latter.

At any rate, I’ve added you guys to my Friend list. I’m on as Tchick, but frankly, I have no interest in playing until they fix the frickin’ attack move. How on God’s green earth are you supposed to play an RTS without an attack move?


Hear! Hear!

I’m playing online a bit as Hiro_Antagonist, and would love to be in a guild. I’ll add you guys to my friends list.

I’d like to return to this one day when it gets patched to competence. But… I can’t get over the flaws anymore. It’s like eating a delicious steak that has the slight tang of poo. After a while, that taste just gets stronger and stronger.

I’ll stick with DoW and it’s crappy-ass mp interface for now.

We were talking about AoE3, but AoM’s starting to look pretty refreshing after what’s NOT being done with AoE3. I’m in for either of the games, quite frankly.

I’ll stick with DoW and it’s crappy-ass mp interface for now.

Or DoW.

It’s like eating a delicious steak that has the slight tang of poo.

ES, your games taste like shit!

I for one am rather enjoying AoE 3.

I’ve noticed that I do appreciate the personality of each different RTS, but I hardly ever use the millions of buttons for formations and such.

So if that’s the kind of stuff that’s ‘missing’ from AoE 3, and if that was a conscious design decision to appeal to a certain audience, then, well, I think I’m that audience.

Been playing online. I think I’m 4-1 so far, and practicing to get better…