Apex Legends - battle royale in the Titanfall universe



Thanks : )


Yep, apparently I’ve been playing it… 63 hours.


Did pretty good for my first round, friend me on origin if you want.


Going thru and requesting friends. PC: lostcawz

Obligatory, “I kinda suck”. :)


3 kills on your first round? Bah. I’m pretty sure I can/will hit lvl 20 without a single kill.

I dislike most BR games. Yet tried this anyway and don’t dislike it yet.


I tried to give it a good chance today, playing several games and… yeah, I still don’t like BR games. It’s very uneven in the amount of fun I have, some games you can die upon touching the ground, in others I don’t find anyone in 10 minutes but I still die in the first firefight (or I get a kill, and get killed one minute later) so the 10 minutes feel a waste, and finally, only in 20% of games I have the real fun.

Although at least it’s the best BR I played so far, f2p, first person, characters with abilities spice up the game, more teamwork oriented, etc.

It’s interesting because I liked other FPS that were low in ‘action per minute’ where you also have to play carefully, like Arma, but somehow I don’t like BRs. I also remember an old mod in UT (Infiltration) where I played for months a game mode called dtas where you also had only one life per round so it was very tense, but I think the difference is that in that mode there was a clear goal (attack a zone or defend it), unlike BR that is just ‘kill other players until you are the only one left’.


Duh, first person. That’s immediately why I like it better thus far - it didn’t even dawn on me.


Most BRs are first person (or have an FPP option) though.


Shows how much attention I truly pay to the genre…


This is a really good game. If they hire creative people to make interesting characters it will be a huge hit, imo.


So I’m playing Apex Legends but it’s also got me playing Titanfall 2 again, and I even reinstalled Evolve for the original legacy version before realising today is its fourth anniversary (RIP). It still looks amazing. Anyway, I forgot Evolve had a contextual ping system with lots of character specific barks too, similar to that in Apex Legends.

While I was looking into what existed of the community I saw that Evolve’s post-game map system got a mention on the Apex Legends subreddit:

That was an awesome feature but what interests me about that thread and elsewhere is how Apex Legends seems to be reminding people of Evolve in a few ways.

The drop-ship respawns are an obvious point, there’s the contextual ping system and character barks, and in addition to the similarities between EMET and Pathfinder I mentioned up thread, there’s Bloodhound and Crow (hunter/tracker with ‘Batray’ pet called Gobi), Wraith (heh) and Kala (hooded figure who uses portals to warp around), and Lifeline and Sunny (vest top, utility bottom support class with shield drone).

Yeah, this is how I feel at present. Have fun sometimes, get very frustrated others. The BR gameplay loop of landing, looting and hunting/hiding coupled with the various weapons and attachments and gear means I’m struggling to get a handle on the gunplay because I die before I can land a shot. I don’t feel like I’m really learning each weapon, rather, I’m starting from scratch each time only to die again after minutes of bumbling about. In something like Titanfall 2 the gameplay loop is much tighter so you get more chances and consistency to learn whatever weapon you’ve chosen. Sometimes in Apex Legends I’ve emptied several chests, raided a few buildings and still not had a weapon. Other times I’ve been armed to the teeth and, because I’ve not known how my weapon handles, died in the first shootout. Go back to lobby, start again. I’m going to keep playing but I do wonder how long it’ll take before the gunplay clicks. I’m hopelessly hopeless right now, and I’m decent at Titanfall 2!


Punched a 3man squad to death last night because I had no ammo.

Would Apex again.


Very much this. Would love a training area with endless bots or something to get a feel.


Wow, I’d like to have seen that! Have they buffed the damage of melee attacks do you know?



I had the same idea! Because in a given game, you kill from 0 to 2 players, you accrue experience in weapon handling and combat in general pretty slowly.


You can do the training mode and ignore the npcs to try some of the guns. They’re in weapon racks at a shooting range


Fair point. I was just hoping for more… active scenarios, but better than nothing!


They seemed fairly beefy, but I used a few wimpy pistol shots I had left on the first guy who was split from the rest and then just went in on him.

While he was knocked I sprinted across to where my teammates were fighting the other two and flanked behind through a doorway. The first one went down with one punch, so probably already low. The second one took about 3 while he was spaz panicking.


Yeah, I’ve spent a while shooting in training but it’s not the same as hitting actual people in different situations with different gear configs. I’ve just got to keep trying to git gud in the field.

Had some fun games with @Mr.GRIM and Ritschier (whoever you are on here! :-D), although my performance was characteristically bad!

@Becoming, that sounds pretty sweet!