Apple Event 9/7/16 - iPhones and Pokemons!


I realized I’d missed a half-hour of the Qt3 snarkfest about the Apple live event and… none to be found! You’re slacking, folks!

So far the only news is Mario and Pokemon.

What marketing genius decided call notification modules on the Apple Watch “Complications?” What a negative name for a feature.


That’s the traditional name for little thingies on the face of a watch.

There was no thread because, well, this is rumored to be a very boring event. New apple watch with GPS, new iPhone with less antenna lines and a better camera, and that’s it.


Apple Watch Series 2. Finally waterproof like my Pebble. But will it have enough battery life to do sleep tracking?


It’s also gonna have less headphone jacks.

Y’know, cuz 0’s less than 1.


Yeah, that’s a negative feature.


It’s not about the news, Stusser, it’s about mocking years of hard work and planning by others!

(Having been on the receiving end of a number of snarkfests… :)


I dunno, I usually go into these things somewhat excited, but not today. Usually a 2-year iPhone refresh is completely new, and that’s cool. Not today.


They should have renamed them while claiming to have invented them.


It’s the traditional name used by watch makers. Used to come from the way those added features added complications to their work.

This was just part of Apple really wanting to stress the watch and craft going into it parts when they released the first version.



As a photographer, I’m cautiously optimistic about the dual camera on the 7 Plus. It sounds potentially very cool. We’ll see what it actually delivers.


I have no interest in an Apple Watch, but I do appreciate the engineering there. The whole bit about the speaker ejecting water is pretty nifty.


Hell I just replaced my phone a week ago (Target was running a deal for $200 off, which made the decision to pull the trigger now instead of wait easy). Couple that with the lack of headphone jack and it’s hard to muster excitement over the apple announcement in general.


Built in GPS won’t push me from Pebble to Apple Watch. I always have my phone when I’m running anyway. The purchase-killer for me on the AW has always been the battery life. If they can miraculously triple it, I might consider one. EDIT: Now they’re talking looks. So probably no appreciable battery improvement. But at least you can get one in the same material as your toilet.


Yeah, I got a new 6s+ from work a couple weeks ago also. But if the 7 was a huge upgrade, I would buy it.


Well, the good news here is that I learned something new thanks to this thread.

“Complications” are the general name of any working on a timepiece beyond the basic time. So, the calendar, sun/moon, etc on an analog watch are complications. This apparently carried over into the digital era because humans are insecure and need to take on the terminology of their product’s traditional craftspeople even if it no longer makes much sense.

Thanks, Apple!


It seems like a decidedly British term.


Yeah, same here.

I just got my second new iPhone 6 Plus in 2.5 months. (First one was a paid repair of a failing battery where they just replaced the entire phone for $70; second one was free after the digitizer failed on the first replacement.) Doesn’t affect my purchase decision as much as it makes me think I should buy AppleCare on the 7 given the reliability I’m seeing.


Well I got the 6s because I had an iPhone 4 that I had bought the month it came out. Still worked fine, good battery even, but it had just gotten to the point it was time. Needing to upgrade the OS was a key deciding factor.

Given the Samsungs and Motorollas that my wife and family have burned through in the same span, I’ve found the reliability on the Apple offerings quite satisfactory. Still its not a bad idea, even careful users can have a bad day.


“It’s the best iPhone we have ever created.” Well, duh. Every new iPhone had better fit that description.


I guess “complications” was a term invented for watch and clock makers to use in their discussions, so they could trade secrets or brag about the additional work needed to add the little rotating sun or whatever. It makes sense in that context. Every little extra do-dad on an analog clock meant more gears and whatsits inside the housing running off the same spring energy.

It makes no sense as a term for the general public, especially for a digital watch. Everyone is going to call them “notifications” or “widgets” no matter how hard Apple pushes.