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That’s just not true, I listen to many Apple podcasts, and many people cite battery lasting them a couple of days. That is by not wearing it at night though. Apple rates it on certain uses, that don’t always hold true. If I exercise a for an hour or two, I will have 40% at the end of the day. If I don’t exercise much, I will have about 70%.

I have every heard an actual user of the watch complain about battery life, unless they don’t want to charge it at night.


The size of the 3.5mm jack and associated logic is…almost inconsequential I would argue.

(S7 / S7 edge)


Right. You need to charge it at night. That is the problem.


There are apps to track sleep. It takes about an 2 hours for a full charge, less for a days use. You can track sleep if you want.


Right. You need to take it off your wrist, micromanage a couple hours of charging, then put it back on before you fall asleep. That sounds like a delightful solution, much better than having a battery that lasts longer.


I get your point, but I’m firmly with Kedaha on this one. I’m a stickler for audio quality, bluetooth ones are more expensive for worse sound quality. It is literally the factor that pushed me firmly to ‘get 6s’ when I had been contemplating waiting until the 7 came out and getting that. There were other factors, but it was the final one.


So, our options are Bluetooth (low bandwidth, high compression, expensive), or digital connectors for headphones (requires a DAC in every set of $10-$20 headphones, instead of one better DAC in my $600 smartphone).

How are those better than a cable/connector which leverages the higher-quality electronics implicit in a $600 piece of computing hardware over $20 earbuds, doesn’t require any external power, and doesn’t occupy the only jack on the phone?

I’m sorry if I sound snarky; I really don’t mean to. I’m interested in what makes the other options better, because it seems pretty one-sided to me.


Except, as someone who actually used the watch every day, I am telling you, I don’t need to charge it every night. I get it, some people don’t want another device to charge everyday, but you don’t have to.

Nope. I can charge it in the morning when I get ready. Wear it all day and night if I wanted to. I don’t want to though, I don’t care about sleep tracking. You are making this a bigger deal than it is in reality.


A bigger deal than it is in reality for you. For me, it’s why I didn’t buy one.


Exactly. Bluetooth is explicitly not the better option. It is merely an alternative option. One that sacrifices audio fidelity for lack of cord. This is a valid choice. It’s ok for some. But it is certainly not objectively better as LeeAbe states. For me it is a big no go, I’ll keep the cord, audio fidelity is acutely important to me.


I am not saying it is better for everyone, I understand some people really need and want that jack. I am saying I don’t care. It won’t affect me at all. I also think wireless is superior (if you aren’t an audiophile, but then why are you listening to MP3s on a phone?) As far as needing a DAC for cheap headphones, I’ll let you know once I get a 7 (which won’t be awhile since I am trying to save money).

Or any of the regular Apple Watcher users I have heard/read. I get that for some people it wouldn’t work though. I thought it would be a pain early on, but in use, it just hasn’t been a big deal. I wouldn’t mind if they made it a bit thinner and cut the battery life a little bit.


Fair enough.


For a mobile phone, I think it is. When I use my phone for music it is because I am exercising or in a loud place such as a coffee shop. Sound quality is not the key issue for me. If it still supports your high end headphones without sacrificing sound quality for the high end users, I don’t see the issue.


It charges to 80% in 30 min.

Every now and then I’ll sleep with it on if I don’t want the alarms to wake my mate. I just toss it in the charger when I shower and get dressed and I’m close enough.


My iPhone 6s plus is safe for another year. If AW2 has better battery life, might consider an upgrade. Very underwhelming event.


I think the Apple Watch 2 and the iPhone 7 are very solid upgrades. While I won’t get the Series 2 Apple Watch, an ironman co-worker is going nuts for it.

The cameras on the iPhone 7 are worth the upgrade alone.


I already have a couple of Nikon’s to take pictures with, so not really jazzed about a camera upgrade on an iPhone. An AW2 with GPS, water proofing, and good battery life is interesting to me. Will wait for the reviews.


You haven’t explained how it’s better, you’ve simply stated that it is several times.

How are headphones that sound worse and weigh more objectively better?


Yes I have, because it frees up space in the phone for other uses when a phone is meant to be mobile. If my phone has room for things I care about more than a headphone jack, great.

I am arguing that if you are concerned about sound quality to the extent that bluetooth is worse than analog (and bluetooth headphones are getting really good), then use a device better suited for it. Otherwise, you are already using added devices such as a high end DAC with your phone while listening in a quiet room. I will wait and see how traditional headphones sound over lightning before I judge.

For the average person, who is using his phone in the car, exercising, or in loud places, sound quality is already not the biggest issue. I use bluetooth in my car and some headphones, and both work great for everyday uses. I just don’t think it is a big deal unless you have multiple sets of headphones, or you charge and use the jack while using headphones on a regular basis. I completely understand for some people this be a pain in the ass, I just don’t think it will be a big deal in the long run for most.

If this helps push bluetooth to get better, I think its a good thing, because for mobile uses, I think bluetooth is superior to cables.

Edit to add: $9 for the adopter by the way. Shockingly cheap for Apple. Doesn’t say any headphones will require a DAC.


For the people angry about the removal of the 3.5mm jack – I’m legitimately curious about something. Under what circumstances would you find it appealing for such a change to happen? Either companies try to innovate, which sometimes leads to uncomfortable changes, or they stick with the same old functioning technology at the cost of innovation. Similar changes have happened for years across the PC landscape, from the introduction of USB to changes from VGA to DVI to HDMI to DisplayPort, etc…

Why is this change any more irritating than those? Would you prefer that companies just stop trying to invent new things? I truly don’t mean to be snarky here – I’m just curious as to your thought processes.