Apple Event 9/9/15 - iPhone 6s, Maxi iPad, Apple Watch update

I was hoping the new iphones would finally be waterproof, personally.

Have they announced the price cut on the older iPhone yet? Been waiting for that.

Yes. On a 2 year contract, the 5s is free, 6 is $99, 6+ $199, 6s $199, and 6s+ $299. Add $100 to double the storage.

I didn’t see them list the off-contract prices for the older devices, although they did list the monthly charge, billed over 24 months.

I was (still am, really) guessing that would happen with the 7, when they redesign the case again. Switch it to an induction charger like the Watch, maybe even piss everyone off and drop the headphone jack in favor of Bluetooth only. Basically I’m imagining a bunch of Apple employees spending a year or so with their Apple Watches and suddenly realizing what a wonderful thing it is to be waterproof and prioritizing that for the phones, but not until the total hardware refresh next year. Fingers crossed…

No true USB 3.0 data transfer speed?


I didn’t follow the actual 6S announcements, are you talking about that, or my hypothetical iPhone 7? Maybe they still have ports but they’re waterproof somehow. Maybe next year we have the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Sport. I don’t know, I just really like that the watch is waterproof and care a lot more about getting that to my phone now than I used to.

Hoping the next generation watch is more waterproof, as well. (IE: Apple actually approves of you swimming wtih it.)

I’m not a very good swimmer, so I’m fine with the current level of “It’s fine to splash around in the lake” water proof. But yeah, it would be great if they improved that too, not just making the hardware even better, but supporting swimming with the fitness tracking options.

Missed the live keynote, still waiting for the replay to go up. I’m moderately interested in the giant iPhone and the giant iPad because I’m old and larger things are easier to read than smaller things. I’d still just use the iPad for web stuff and strategy games, though. Not interested in any Office or other work stuff, I have a laptop for that. Also, they’re still trying to sell that silly watch? If I’m wearing something on my wrist it’s mechanical and decorative, not ugly and needing an iPhone.

Apple TV is 32GB/64GB? Can you attach storage or coordinate with Plex? That’s dreadful.

I assume the local storage is just for apps.

At least with the current gen of AppleTV you can only access local content if you’ve got iTunes running on a computer to share it (or if you do some tomfoolery with Plex and the movie trailers app).

Looks like the plex folks are on it

Well, theoretically, you’d only be paying half of that for a new phone, and if you get a new phone every 12 months, you’d really only be paying the full amount when you’re fully done with the contract. For those who love their iPhones, I’d think this would be a godsend. You get a new phone every year as well as AppleCare.

— Alan

I’m still under contract for my 6+ for another year. At that point, yes, I’ll probably do that.

i can afford one after proceeds from selling my nexus, iphone AND ipad.

Reading the fine print on their page: When you get a new phone, you have to sign up for another 24 months. And $768 is only if you want the smallest memory iPhone 6S.

A 128GB iPhone 6s Plus would cost $1,077 on Apple’s plan. I can sell my current 128GB iPhone 6 Plus, looking at completed eBay auctions, for $600-700. An equivalent iPhone 6s Plus is $949 if you buy it outright. So my net cost would be about $250 to $350 to upgrade outright.

Or, paying an extra $128 to buy it from Apple on their upgrade plan.

After one year, you can upgrade, but you have to commit to a new iPhone Upgrade program. So assuming the plan prices don’t change, that’s $1,615 over the course of three years for two phones. Buying two $949 phones outright and selling one for $600, your end cost is $1,298.

So for a two-phone upgrade cycle, you’re essentially paying $300 for the convenience of not having to sell your phone, and for AppleCare. At $150 a year, it’s not a bad deal, but it’s not a bargain, and it’s guaranteed, which the resale market isn’t.

Are these two posts contradictory? Confused. Tired and confused. ;)

Stusser is talking traditional 2-year contract with the phone company, tying you into their service and adding a subsidy fee.

I’m taking about buying from Apple on their two-year iPhone plan, which is an unlocked, contract-free phone. But you pay the real price for the phone.

I thought phone subsidies were gone. Is that not true?