Apple Event WWDC 2019

I have absolutely no sane reason to want one. But when has sanity ever mattered?

Clearly the directive was: build a machine that can’t have a cheaper PC equivalent.

OMG. 1.4 kilowatt power supply. The crowd was stunned. I’m stunned. Insane. And the wheels prove it.

A 1.4kw power supply. Can also power small villages.

“Optimized for metal”. Not CUDA.

When are they going to talk about these sexy monitors with pre-drilled holes?!

Those holes are gonna look like crap in a couple years when they’re clogged with fart dust and cat hair.

Those monitors remind me of a Judas Priest stage.

Jesus, 1000 audio tracks. Some madman is going to make a song with 1000 tracks.

That thing is a beast.

I think the top end version of this machine is going to be the most expensive PC ever sold.

Wow. Gorgeous display.

I can’t wait to just check off every option just to dream.

32" 6K retina display. HDR, too.

This is gonna be $4k alone.

I take it back. It’ll be $6k.

She’s very good at this.

Edit: Oops, jinxed

When I win the lottery, I’m all over this stuff. But in the meantime, I’m happy to know that there will be pros making the movies and TV shows I love on them.

I wouldn’t be so sure, since it won’t have CUDA.

Of course the stand needs its own keynote segment.

$5999. @Ephraim wins!

Nailed it!