Apple TV+: Invasion

Ive watched the first three episodes, its not bad, its just VERY slow burn!

the first three episodes are focusing on the characters and their lives mostly, with only hints that something else is going on. So far no direct invasion stuff by the end of episode 3, and people are largely thinking various disasters are a terrorist attack, except maybe Shamier Anderson’s story arc.

Did they really kill off Sam Neil’s character that quick?

Ooh nice, I didn’t know this launched. Will put it on the list for this weekend.

Yes I basically got apple+ JUST because of this show, and Foundation! Was waiting for Invasion to begin before i got the subscription. I have a soft spot for ANY alien invasion movie/show. I appreciate the character development, but Im hoping the Invasion piece of the story has a like pay off with time taken to have the characters interact and come to term with a proper Alien Invasion, because having the invasion be solely a backdrop to family drama or lord of the flies situations brewing would be PURE disappointment.

I’ve seen some reviews that are pretty “meh” on it and the sense is that the burn is just too slow.

On a sidenote, I will never NOT think of this guy when I read the word “invasion”.

I’d forgotten about this show and was thinking of watching it til I read here that there is no invasion in the first three episodes of the show titled Invasion. I’m cool with a slow burn, but it doesn’t sound like there is any flames and barely any smoke. Not sure I can got thru 3 hours of character drama when what I came for was alien drama.

I should be clear that there are preludes to invasion, people being attacked by weirdness, WE see it but the world we are watching is still largely clueless. Mainly as no one survives these events to spread the invasion aspect of the story. I sure I was hoping for more Battlefields LA, but its more character arcs ATM and Im not hating it despite that.

Aaah, ok. I can get on board with that for a bit. Certainly for free. But I would enjoy some Battlefield LA at some point too.

I’m enjoying this, but I agree it’s a bit slower than I’d like. Stuff is definitely happening, but by the second half of the third episode I felt like I had gotten enough of an introduction to the main characters and wanted there to be a bit more forward movement.

Yes the third episode ended seeming to have finally broke the back on this stealth invasion. Two characters are aware something not human/natural is the cause!

Of course, now they have to spend the next episode trying to reach their command, , or in the other case , after going rogue, convincing them despite their actions that something isnt right!

Im hoping by the next episode end, it starts to fully unravel and become apparent to everyone, and not those two nexus characters chain of command.

Also OMG Ahmed is a little child/selfish dick! Over and over just horrible! The final straw for me was him trying to ditch is wife and kids! However, hes NOT stopping, and seems determined to beat Doctor Smith from Lost in space to be the ultimate dick…

Haven’t read the above. Watching it now. So far (30 mins in) hard to identify with these characters.

My first guess? average alien invasion show. But heck i watched all three seasons of colony. i love me some aliens! Even more than zombies.

That sheriff looks like Sam neil. That can’t be him. I didn’t check the cast.

I keep waiting for her to take a glock out and shoot him in the balls. Heat of Passion defense and maybe 8 years suspened and probation.

Oh no she still runs with him --and he still checks on his gf. She is a professional woman and she puts up with his shit. Where is my glock…

This show is slow burn beyond all slow burns. I am almost hoping for some quiet place aliens to show up and kill all the cast…

I know I’d kill the husband. Blame it on the aliens. Great defense.

The Japanese space agency stuff is far more interesting. It is almost worth watching for this.

The Lord of the Flies english kids – what the heck,

This is clearly the oddest alien invasion show ever. And god knows I’ve seem them all.

3 parts-- Lord of the Flies, Weak Wife, and desert Warrior. And not one of it makes sense, well and also the Japanese Space agency. Which almost makes sense.

Oh I know it’s terrible. I can’t help it its an alien invasion show so i am stuck watching it. But just terrible. Slow burn and terrible people,

hey – I liked BG La… at least there were some aliens to fight. Plus Chief mastor sergant is super cute.

It’s a show about what would happen if aliens invaded, but everyone on Earth was literally too stupid to live.

I’m not watching this show. No, at this point I’m hate watching it, with a great and glorious hate. People keep calling it a slow burn but it’s not even a slow smolder. More like a precursor to combustion playing out in geological time. And the slowness is not the worst part. What’s worst is the character arcs which are (with the partial exception of the Japan arc) both laughably stereotypical but also sadly generic. They’ve achieved “diversity” in the most stereotyped and generic way possible. It’s a truly Terrible show, painful to watch but it’s bringing out my tv masochist.

Haven’t seen Friday’s episode yet, but I’m taking it, it doesn’t do anything YET AGAIN…sigh!

I hate to agree with every word you said but… I do.

I’m not entirely sure what they are going for with this show. Strike that. It’s pretty clear what they are trying to do. Tell the story of an Alien Invasion from the perspective of normal people. But after 4 episodes, I think the wife and I are calling it quits.

I’m ok with a slow burn but it’s hard to get invested in the marital struggles of a family, or the overly contrived “lord of the flies” scenario when you don’t like the characters that much. The Japanese woman’s story is probably the best of the bunch but even there, everything drags on forever. It’s like a show composed of mainly filler.

I agree with your take, but I’m willing to give it a little more time. But as a judge would warn a young lawyer, they better get where they’re going quickly.

Since finding something else to watch is semi-related, has anyone tried Swagger on Apple TV+? They’re not fooling me with its minor connection to Friday Night Lights, but I’d be into a sports+family drama with a good heart. Unlike Invasion’s idea of family drama.