April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse

Lots of info on various websites but a good interactive map is here:

Up here in the northeast we are likely to have cloud cover. That won’t be great because the shadow of the moon is relatively small, so total darkness is unlikely. Still fun to experience.

This website has a cloud probability map.

Anyone in Texas is much more likely to get sun!

I’d love to travel to see it. I went to southern Illinois in 2017, but since then moved to Oregon. I traveled last year for the annular eclipse, and it would be hard to do this year. Unfortunately it falls during the middle of the school week. If the kids had spring break that week I would 100% go somewhere, but I would hate to go and not take the kids, and I simply won’t be able to take the kids.

…of the heart?

Sorry, I’ll see myself out.

A lot of school boards have actually switched a PA/PD day (professional activity/professional development) originally scheduled during that month to the day of the eclipse so that the children will be home with their families. This is not so much to give time for the kids to experience something awesome, but rather the difficulty of stopping hundreds and hundreds of children from staring at the eclipse. I’m pondering driving down to Niagara Falls with my family, but that’s usually a gong show at the best of times with all the tourists. I can’t imagine what it will be like on that day.

We’re in the prime spot here in Austin. My sister and her husband are coming down from Colorado to catch it.

Yeah, my kids’ school has made it a PA day too.The drive down to Niagara Falls could be brutal I agree. Might go at 9-10 AM with the eclipse starting at 2PM. Further south is better, closer to the middle of the path, so maybe one of the beaches along Lake Erie?

I’m just on the edge of the path of totality and would have a great view from my yard… except that the Cleveland Guardians home opener happens to be the same day. And Cleveland is smack in the middle of totality. So I’ll be fighting the madness downtown between eclipse-goers, baseball fans, basketball fans (the Women’s NCAA Final Four is happening right next door!) and film fans from the Cleveland International Film Festival.

I expect it to be a long day and hope to watch from the stadium.

Yep, need to get my travel plans set. A totality is nothing to miss. It’s like porn vs. cave drawings of friskiness.

Took my kids down to the KY/TN border in 2017 and were treated to beautiful clear blue skies.
This one is much closer to home, but the likelihood of clear sky is pretty low.

Burlington, Vermont is a prime spot for this one, with St. Albans up the road even better (but St. Albans is kind of a hole, and a small hole at that). My college is smack dab in the middle of Burlington, on a hill, overlooking the lake to the west. As the eclipse is in the afternoon, it’s probably going to be a great spot. But, they predict like 250,000 people will descend on us for the viewing. If even a fraction of that show up (and I hear all the lodging is already sold out, so who knows) you won’t be able to get in or out of the city that day. So the school is advising everyone to have “alternative teaching plans,” which in effect means “online.”

As I don’t teach Mondays this semester (too much admin work), I simply will work from home that day to avoid issues.

We’re having the kids skip school to see it. Totally worth it! They won’t get another chance for 20 years.

We’ll be based in southern Indiana with family for this one, driving further south and/or west as the weather demands.

I have B&B reservations in Lake Placid, and I got tickets to a viewing event at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont, so we are all set.

I’m going down to my brother’s place in Dallas and making a long weekend of it. Not entirely sure exactly where we’ll be to watch the eclipse, but it looks like basically anywhere in that area will have a good view.

My sister and I are planning seeing it. I saw the 2016 one too. It was an amazing experience. I am to meet her in the St. Louis area the day before. I am not sure exactly where we will be going.

Shelburne Museum is a cool place, with some great exhibits. Shelburne itself is a very wealthy community on the outskirts of Burlington, where the elite hobnob with each other. They occasionally let us plebes drive through to buy something or eat at one of the restaurants set aside for the hoi polloi.

We also have hotel reservations in Lake Placid. I haven’t decided where we’re going to view the eclipse itself, but it seems there’s a bunch of public viewing spots nearby. Maybe I’ll look at the Shelburne. There’s some resources here:


I was thinking about keeping options open day of, so we could drive around to avoid cloud cover, but the roads will probably be a zoo, so maybe having a set viewing party might be a good idea. The Shelburne would mean we have to take the ferry I think, which would be fun for the kids. I spent summers in the area as a kid but haven’t been back in ages.

Were taking the kids out of school for a couple days, because we missed totality on the last one, and why not?

I too an worried about the traffic, but if it isn’t bad Mapquest says it is only 2.5 hours from Lake Placid to Shelburne aound the south end of the lake.

We are going up for three days, starting Saturday. If you guys are around we should grab lunch or something. We are old and no children, though ;)

Heh, driving up to Shelburne from the south, up Rte. 7, will be either ok or dreadful, depending on how many other folks are coming up that way. As long as you aren’t trying to go further into Burlington you should be ok, but Rte. 7 (Shelburne Rd) gets clogged as you get into the city, especially during what passes for rush hour here. Weather is of course also a factor, but early April should allow you to avoid the chaos of the beginning of construction season. That usually waits until May for the permafrost to de-perma, but given the warmth of this winter it might come earlier.

I don’t plan on going anywhere near Burlington/Shelburne on the day of the Eclipse, that’s for sure!

rt.7 sucks if you get behind one of those manufactured homes being dragged along at 20 mph. Also the first couple of weekends of foliage season lol.

Was camping hotel reservations a year ago for Niagara Falls so that’s basically the plan. In theory should have a view of the falls and the eclipse from the window. Hopefully some cooperative weather