Ark: Survival Evolved - Dinos and Leveling Survival Game


They are GREAT for exp, @DeepT. You’ll get to a certain point when exp gain goes waaaaay down. In actuality it just takes a ton more to level. Combat is one good way to do that, and alphas are a good source of it. At first, alpha raptors, then later alpha (anything.) Other good sources of exp later game are things like the Chem Bench and making TONS of things like narcotic, cementing paste, and the like. There is also caving, which are like the mini dungeon runs scattered throughout the maps. And later, boss fights as well. Small exp gains like gathering and building just don’t inch your exp up quickly enough later on.

But combat is a big one.

Also, I think @Ragan patched the servers for me over the weekend to take advantage of the new classic flyers mod with fixed Argents.

Also note if you converted any Argents to Harpas, convert them back when possible.

Update: Jun 28 @ 12:21pm

Classic Argents are back!

Added back full CF support for the Argent!
Altered the Argent Suet so it swtiches between the Classic Argent and Classic Harpa (where previously it had switched between the Vanilla Argent and Classic Harpa).
This is to allow for players who had “prepped” their argents (by converting them to harpas) during the time leading up to TLC P2’s release to convert them back to convert them back argents.
Be aware that eventually the Argent Suet will be removed from the mod. Once everyone who wishes to convert their argents back has done so, the item will be considered as having servered its purpose and will no longer be needed. Consider it as still being included for only the next couple of weeks.


But how to deal with a pack of them? There are like 5 in a group near my base. I suppose I could tame a bunch of crap dinos to act as a distraction.


With a flyer usually. You fly in and peel a couple off, then fly up until they drop aggro, repeat. You get them even slightly spread out and it gets much easier.

You can use that technique a lot later because there are a lot of pack hunters later, as well as dinos that just tend to be together a lot on the maps. You’ll see things like two rexes together, packs of Allosaurs, Yutys with any number of other carnivores, packs of wolves, etc.

We need to help you trap a Rex. :)


We just draw them away until they find another dino and start attacking. you can also just drop everything and run by it suicidally, that can get them away


Crossbow for the win. Just shoot everything


is breeding worth getting into? the guides i’ve found have been a little confusing, but I’m just not sure if its even worthwhile to get into. Trying to get a 7% chance for mutations seems super time consuming.

Also, we had a really weird glitch happen to us last night. We landed 3 of our good fliers right outside our house, walked in for a bit, and when we went back out, they had vanished. couldn’t find them anywhere. the pet finder seems to be working, as it finds the ankly i left somewhere for metal mining. They didn’t die, as the log doesn’t list them as having died (although it lists all of our other deaths). Is there anything to do here? It sucks to lose things to such a glitch, combat is one thing but a straight up disappearance?


Breeding is worth it if your planning on boss battles down the road. Also the imprinting bonus will beef your dinos up.

I would personally fly straight up and make sure your fliers aren’t hovering in the air I have had that happen on occasion.


Oh jeez. They were up there! you are a life saver!!


HAHA awsome glad to help. Only reason I knew this is Ark hates me most days! Ask the guys I battle Ark about every day.


Every day? Not according to the chat. More like every couple hours.

There are times I wonder if I’m playing the same game as Grem because while I do have problems, I do not have them anywhere near the level that Grem does.


haha so true. There are days I think wild card some how knows me and hates me more for it.


Took the plunge with my Rex army today. Took down the Beta Manticore. Special thanks to Ragan for his input into making the rex heard.

Now i need to think about getting a good source of black pearls.


Very worth it. So much so that it’s like night and day with imprint and the bonus from that. Imprinting is either babysitting(in-game way,) or not(S+ way with a Nanny.) But even without a nanny you can get the imprint timer every 30 min or so and either hug the baby, walk the baby, or get lucky with having the kibble it asks for. Our timers are very sped up on the servers for mating, gestation/egg laying, hatch time, imprint times and growth time. Even with poor luck, you should hit 50% imprint if you watch your “needs care in xx:xx” messages for the baby.

Having a nanny requires honey, but that’s another road to go down and takes away all the need to babysit at all.

You can literally add 30% to resists and attack on a bred dino from imprinting. In addition a bred dino will be the average level between the parents. So by the time you get a Male and female up high level, you give the baby the benefit of even better starting stats as they will be high level to start.

The breeding you read about is a little different and considered the end game approach, but it’s where you breed and breed trying to perfect whatever stats you need from a dino (health, attack, weight carry, speed, etc.) Even if you eventually try that, S+ mod makes that easy too, with a hatchery and euthanasia gun.

The first time we bred Raptors it was like night and day afterward. I had to put the eggs down between two campfires to get them warm enough to hatch. Still worth it.

To get started, get a male and female of the same dino. Put down an S+ hitching post. Put them both near it and “hitch dino.” Set behavior to enable wandering for both. Wait. You’ll get a fertilized egg if it’s a dino, or a gestation period if it’s a mammal. To hatch the egg you place it down on the ground with the O key, while highlighting it in your inventory. When you place it, the egg will tell you if it is too hot or cold. If too cold (most common) you will need either a fireplace, campfire or two, or if you have a running generator at your base, an AC unit. If it’s too hot, you can take the egg to a place that is cooler, but you’ll need to protect the baby for quite a while, making it difficult for the few hours they are growing. Babies need lots of food while they grow, usually of the same type used to tame them. Once they pass out of baby stage (but still within Juvenile or adolescent), that food no longer needs to be manually fed, and can instead be fed to them via a feeding trough. Throughout those three cycles, you get care timers, and those are how you raise imprint amount.


As mentioned on the server, great job man. I think we’re all in the same boat with black pearls. You mentioned Ragnarok as being a good source. Any ideas on what all we need? We could make it a group project.


I took Grem to my super secret black pearl spot on Ragnarok and combined, we came back with 500 black pearls. Grem or myself can show you where to go.

On a different issue, it appears the Island has suffered a rollback. On the server screen, the Island is on day 5. Plus I’ve checked the current world save file and it is considerably smaller than some of the backup world saves.


Noted. I’ll work on fixing it again.

All better now, I had to wind it back to what appears to be server reboot early in the morning. That may be where things are failing.


That’s so weird, seems to be the exact same thing that happened to me earlier. good that it’s easy to fix. Actually, I had just died to a BS monster knocking me into a lava pit, causing me to lose over a thousand metal worth of equipment… maybe your restart will bring me back haha


Well it is easy to fix, it is finding out why it barfed is the hard part. Either way, we have a server snapshot every 2 hours, I can keep rolling back until I see the “In-game Time” listed here to be anything beyond 400, which means I’ve rolled it back far enough.



We had four of the five worlds go down tonight all at 8.58 Ragan said the center looked like it had been off line since this morning. He restarted that one. ATM its the only one running.


Noted. Give me a bit to check, that sounds server related. I was on Scorched until at least 3:30PM EDT