Arkane Austin's System Shock-Inspired Prey (2017) Reboot

I never got very far in Dishonored 1, given that crossing a bridge I fell into the 3D geometry and could never get out.

Very good game but I guess it depends how you found the first one?

Oh, I loved the first one. Played through twice, a ‘ghost’ run where I didn’t kill anyone, and a high-chaos ‘these fuckers are going down’ run. I only did the DLC once, though. I just have such a backlog. And it goes on sale all the time.

Game’s done. Credits rolling. Annoyed my first victory condition didn’t count and it just put me back in the game after a vision/hallucination/waking dream, but after several more hours with the game I was able to make my second favorite choice and apparently that’s that.

There’s still some open questions as it pertains to some apparent hallucinations/flashbacks/matrixy shit I kept getting, but I’m not inclined to replay the game to figure these out. If the Mooncrash DLC doesn’t address them I can just look them up online.

Err… did you write that while the credits were actually rolling? Did you stay for the after-credits scene? Because if you did, you shouldn’t really have unanswered questions (assuming you didn’t get one of the really bad endings, I think)

Yea, I wrote it while credits were rolling. And no, I didn’t stay for any stingers (after-credits scenes). I don’t do that sort of thing (thanks to a ridiculously long Matrix 2 credit sequence that taught me a valuable lesson some ten years ago or whatever). Youtube is for stingers.

Earlier I looked up the meaning behind the visions, and it doesn’t sound like I really missed anything anyway.

I was never very interested in the game itself, but only played through it because I had heard such great things about the Mooncrash DLC when it released (the roguelike elements etc) and I wanted to know what was happening in the world before diving into it. But the base game is annoying enough it’s put me off playing the DLC for now, so I’ll be setting it aside and will get back to it some time later.

The post-credits ending is almost really the point of the game. It isn’t a non-interactive ‘stinger’ like a Marvel movie. It’s an interactive cutscene that answers all your questions, and why they just let you reload to get the ending you wanted (hint: it didn’t really matter- it’s what you did during the game that counts, not the ending).

Earlier tonight, I read what it is. If it were that important it would have been included in the game proper. I don’t feel like I missed out on anything by skipping it. I care as much about it as the guys who duct-taped it to the end of the credits.

Okay. I imagine it’s different when you actually see/experience it instead of reading about it on some rando website, and I felt differently (obviously- scroll back to the thread a bit to see a bit more of my thoughts), but I’m not here to convince you. Tell us what you think of the DLC- I didn’t get to it yet.

Don’t forget to play Mooncrash DLC. It is inventive enough on its own.

If you haven’t picked it up yet, the Mooncrash DLC is $4 on Steam this weekend.

I recall McMaster and or Tom liking the Mooncrash DLC a lot.

I am trying to remember where I left off in the game, I couldn’t have been more than an hour or two in, I probably should just restart from he beginning. What the hell else came out around the time of this game’s release that distracted me?

Thanks, bought!

Man…how do you deal with this UI? This is literally the worst UI I have ever experienced in a game. This isn’t just bad, it’s ridiculous. Worse than actual 90s UIs. Refunded.

I thought it was quite good (kbm). What’s your issue with it?

I didn’t have a problem with the UI?

I dislike roguelikes, but loved Prey, so I figured 4 euros is acceptable. Looking forward to trying it.

Are you sure we’re discussing the same game?
I found no issues with the UI at all and I’m pretty sensitive to that kind of stuff.

Yeah, this seems like a strange complaint.

I just want to add that Mooncrash is fantastic - wow.

Felt good to revisit this world in a rogue-like setting. Hope other games pick up on this format.