Arma Reforger - Bohemia Interactive's pre-Arma 4 MP game

Hah, I don’t actually own the game and am too swamped by existing backlog to be buying it. But maybe someday when it is on some deep sale.

DayZ started existence as Arma 2 mod, then became standalone game, but its main map is still Chernarus, which was the main map in Arma 2 (and is inspired by Czechland). There are more maps these days though, both Bohemia-made and community-made.

Arma 3 btw has somewhat extensive singleplayer story campaign, although I haven’t played it myself.

There is also scifi focused singleplayer expansion which I read some good impressions of

It is even more stupid than that. It wasn’t originally an Arma mod, it was a “Take on Helicopters” mod.

Take On Helicopters was an Arma 2 OA development branch itself.

I believe Take On Helicopters was used because it was the newest branch on the Arma 2 tree.

As for the resistance game mode in reforger, Arma 3 Antistazi mod servers are real popular. Which is probably where they got the idea to build in the mode directly.

I want them to go back to the cold war ERA like ArmA2. I don’t find the super modern or future era gameplay as tight or fun.

I think Arma 4 will be a return to the cold war. We will see.

I hope so too. I think that the Cold War era stuff is more interesting.

I see it is on sale on steam, anyone else thinking about picking it up?

Reforger? No way.

Reforger is set in the Cold War era.

And I will be picking up a second copy during the sale. Gonna try to wean my brother off of ARMA III KoTH.

Isn’t Reforger all MP?

No, that video I posted a couple posts back, and the one Paul CZE posted right after, are both about the new official scenario from Bohemia that is Single/Coop. It is very challenging playing solo, you have AI allies around the map, but the enemy is not messing about. Engaging a squad of the enemy by yourself is not likely to end well, at least it didn’t when I tried it lol. The scenario is kind of sandboxy, there are missions that pop up, and events of opportunity like getting a radio message that friendly forces have disabled an APC so get there and loot it before the enemy arrives. There is no real plot. But there is plenty of trouble to get into.

There are other scenarios from modders that can be played single player/coop too, though I haven’t messed with many of them. I don’t think there is a single player campaign if that is what you want, I don’t really imagine there will be as they are probably waiting till they get ARMA IV ready to release a full campaign.

Also, as I mentioned somewhere above, after all the thousands of hours of fun I’ve had playing their game since the release of Operation Flashpoint and pretty much every edition since then, I really don’t mind tossing $30 their way to help bring ARMA IV closer while getting to experience the new stuff as they add it. And it is cool to have a redo of Everon brought up to modern graphic and gameplay standards. I hope some energetic modder will bring us the old OFP campaign for the new engine, ideally with coop in mind.

Sale got me with this one.

Game is pretty fun. Looks good, lots of people playing. The resistance ops is a bit buggy, but I had fun with some randos playing it. I think if they can get the scripting fixed, it will be a fun mode not unlike the Arma 3 Antistazi modes that are popular.

Wow though, does the game look so much better than Arma 3, which is over a decade old at this point. On “high” settings it is gorgeous.

This game is 100% multiplayer at this point though. There is some stuff that can be done SP, but it is really built around, at a minimum, having 4-6 people doing co-op stuff in scenarios.

I feel like I got my 22$ (on sale) out of it in one night. Really enjoying the 1989 era stuff. Will have to try to find some people to play the resistance mode co-op on, because trying to wrangle randos in the official servers is kind of hard.

Some additional thoughts, now that I am awake and have some coffee. Absolutely loved experiencing a new ARMA again for the first time. Spent loads of time with the compass and the map. (Per 1989, there isn’t really GPS for your footsoldiers or local resistance fighters) I love that you have to actually orienteer using the compass and map to find objectives.

Going to split this into an additional post, My Experience playing Resistance Ops.

Logged into an official server that was 4/6 populated, almost everyone was playing on Xbox (The game is very heavy on crossplay), and it was night, and I could not find a single other person on the map, and nobody was talking to eachother. You can pick objectives from the map screen, and some people had assigned themselves to an attack, but nobody was talking.

I learned that as resistance fighters, you don’t have radios by default (In this game, you have to be on the same frequency as well). I could hear gunfire off in the distance, but it was so dark out, and I was afraid to use my flashlight. I logged on to a different server.

This server was daytime, and there was an objective to assault a camp of soldiers and steal a fuel truck to bring to a base in the southern part of the map. I spawned in the hideout closest to the objective, and took a 1980’s sedan style car to the field next to the objective (using the map and compass to find my way). I happened upon the camp, and walked up seeing an ambulance and the red cross. I didn’t understand the objective, as I thought we were meeting people to assault the camp. I was immediately executed by the soldiers around the campfire who stood up and casually sprayed me with their AK’s.

I respawned at a different hideout on the other side of the camp… and I saw another person. He called me James, (In game name JonDanger) and also sounded incredibly high, and had the name MrSex. He also used the n-word with the soft a, when affectionately asking me to get in the car. Indeed, I am playing a multiplayer game. Despite being extremely turned off by MrSex (a personal failing of his namesake) I decided, this is literally the only other person I have ever seen in this mode, so I gotta stick with him. Forced camaraderie among resistance fighters, I guess.

When you spawn in, you start with a basic kit, with a map/compass and a handgun. No armor or anything. If you are a “spotter” you get binoculars, if you are a medic you got extra medical supplies, but in generally you are basically outfitted and nearly unarmed. My partner was better armed than I with an assault rifle he likely found in the hideout, which can spawn vehicles and weapons and supplies. (I did not know this)

We shuffled our way around in the map screens to find the best way to the objective, and rolled in. He casually mentioned “running in the 90’s” as we drifted around corners in the pseudo-eastern european state forest. We came upon the objective, and he asked if this was it, and I replied that I had just died there about 5 minutes earlier, and that there were armed military present. We hopped out, and snuck up to the camp as best we could. I probably made the mistake of trying to take the first shot with my piddly handgun, and it all popped off. The last words I heard were “Oh, you have to…” as I was shot by one of the AK-74 armed soldiers.

I respawn at the same hideout and hoof it to the camp, I can hear gunfire as my former compatriot was still engaged with the enemy. It actually wasn’t too far on foot, and I got there as he was cleaning up the last of the guards, and I was able to actually shoot one that was focused on him, as I snuck up from behind.

MrSex was joyous that I had returned, and said there was lots of good loot, and that I should arm myself. I picked up a pair of AK-74’s, as I had no clue how to grab ammo, I figured 2 loaded rifles was better than 1. I also grabbed a suit of body armor and a helmet. We stalked around waiting for the objective to mark as complete, and it wasn’t working. MrSex had mentioned this was buggy and glitchy. We found a soldier that was in the process of dying, and finished him off, objective complete.

Our next goal was to take a fuel truck to an objective in the deep south of the map. This would be incredibly dangerous, as we would need to pass through multiple crossroads and larger cities sure to have checkpoints. While we could backroad part of this trek, we would need to cross at least one checkpoint, because our fuel truck can basically do 0 offroading, but MrSex assured me we could just bust through the checkpoint and hopefully survive.

I will post a part 2 later, when I am on a different coffee break.

This stuff sounds wicked cool. I just find I don’t have the patience to find and play with randos, really, and don’t have the stamina or schedule to find a semi-permanent group. So games like this are things I experience vicariously.

I hope you and MrSex form a strong bond!

We were brothers in arms for one night at least… >_>

Ok, Part 2.

MrSex and I had loaded ourselves into the fuel truck. He gave it to me straight, this was gonna be rough. To get to the drop off point, we were going to have to make it past the checkpoints north of Regina. He had performed this mission before, and said he knew of a way we could quickly turn past a sawmill to lose the Everon guards stationed at the checkpoint. He said that there would be a lot of gunfire, but we should probably make it O.K. I contemplated the fact that we were in a fuel truck full of military grade diesel fuel, and said “Well, I picked up a bulletproof vest!”.

We consulted our maps and ended up doing a loop around the camp as we got lost, after some more map consultation, we found the road we were looking for, and continued on our buddy comedy road trip. MrSex informed me that he had to fart, and that he had done so. I was unable to roll down the windows of the truck, as they were non-interactive. Thank god I didn’t have a Gamescent. We had a productive conversation about this game mode, and how pretty the game looked. He informed me that there were a couple of safe houses we had not unlocked along the way, and that we could pop out at each to unlock them (they become spawn locations, and will have some gear).

As we continued our journey along the coast, on a dirt logging road, to avoid the military checkpoints, MrSex became concerned about his speed, as this very heavy truck will not make it up the hills if it were to be damaged. After a while we happened upon a safe house on the coast, it was gorgeous, a house with a picnic table and a pristine view of the bay. He said it looked like a place to have a nice vacation… these would be some of my fondest memories of my time with MrSex.

Along the logging route, we passed by a rock with a red mark on it, which indicated a hiking trail (for use by the resistance) but we would have to take the switchbacks up the hill to get to Regina. He remarked that the last time he did this mission, his truck was so damaged, it would not make it up the hill, and it had to be repaired first. Our truck was in pristine condition, but it still struggled to make it up the hill. Once we got to the end of the logging trail, we could see the main road heading down into Regina, and took a right turn.

Things happened very fast at this point, as we cruised down the road, MrSex pointed out the bollards blocking the road, as well as the checkpoint. He said they would stop us there and likely detain us or shoot us, so we had to move quickly to a dirt road through the sawmill to avoid this. I dont’ know what MrSex was expecting to happen, but we were immediately met by soldiers running down the road at us, shouting in what must be Russian. This shouting turned to gunfire as the first of many soldiers thumped under our front tires.

Performing a slick “drift” maneuver he had showed off in the woods, we were pointed in the correct direction on the sawmill road, with more soldiers firing more bullets into our windscreen. Unfortunately for us, there was a military vehicle on this small road, leaving very little room for maneuver. MrSex valiantly tried to dodge the truck, and succeeded… to hit an electric pole on the opposite side of the road. He muttered, “Ooops”, and I said “That’s not good”. Those were the last words we shared in the truck.

As we had unlocked the nearby safehouse, I respawned there, and MrSex joined me, I was perusing the weaponry in the safehouse when I heard him talking to himself outside. I called him in, saying there was a rifle he could pick up. He turned to me and said “Ok, lets…” and he disconnected.

I waited around for MrSex to log back in, I even readied the jeep that was stashed in the garage, for our trip to recapture the fuel truck we had been murdered in, but he didn’t log back in. I took the trip up to Regina alone, it wasn’t the same without MrSex talking nonstop about nothing in my ear, but I was determined to finish the mission.

I hopped out of the truck at the top of the hill, and snuck around to where the fuel truck was. There were a lot of soldiers around it, I opened fire and downed 5-6 of them… but they kept on coming. There was no way, I tried to hide in the bushes, but they found me and shot me, I laid there bleeding out, until I regained conciousness, and stood up, where I was immediately shot again (the AI won’t “finish you” but will just kill you when you regain conciousness).

EricCartman915 asked 'What are people up to?" I said that I was trying to recapture a fuel truck north of Regina for the mission, but remarked it was late, and I would be logging off soon. I don’t know if he was able to complete the mission, but my time on the island was done… for now.

I have to ask, where is Arma 4? at this point it was announced a bit more than two years ago, and it’s still MIA. I hoped to see it in the pc gaming showcase, with a bit of luck, but it wasn’t the case.