ARMA2 CO Mod: DayZ (Zombies, persistent world)

A very interesting little mod for A2, this might just be that zombie survival game you’ve always wanted. It is currently in Alpha, but boasts such features as persistent characters, survival mechanics (eating/drinking, complex medical system), and item drops.

Items spawn inside enterable buildings, which also happens to be where the zombies are (zombies spawn near any building.) In my eyes this creates just the right tension, where ideally you should avoid populous areas, but you have no choice but to risk the Zs to survive day to day.

Speaking of which, the servers currently run on 1:1 real time, meaning something like 10 hours of darkness >:)

The best way to play in my eyes is to have a mic, and to team up with some other survivors.

Here’s a bit of a Lets Play on dat utube:

(This mod requires ARMA 2: Combined Ops = ARMA 2 + ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead)

3 minutes in, that video is awesome, they are role-playing that shit!

I may have to grab that.

That’s really nice.

I seem to remember reading at the time that there was some big hole in the Arma2 AI that prevented anyone porting the Arma1 zombie mods over? When did that get fixed?

Maybe this isn’t a Arma 1 port?

This isn’t the first zombie mod, there are several.

Haha … around the 11:10m mark. “Get his shit!”

I should stress this is very much in Alpha, so expect things not to work as they should.

For instance we put a bunch of loot in a tent after setting up a camp site. After the server went down for an update, all of it was gone. It will be very cool when tents save items and you can have permanent base camps though :D

Pretty rough around the edges but it looks like an awesome game to play with large groups. I just watched the Part 3 version and I love how it ended-the way any good zombie movie should.

I just read this won’t work with steam installs of Arma II, is that true? And is there anywhere else I can get a legal digital download of Arma II CO that you guys know/trust?

Buy Arma 2 OA in Steam, it would be cheaper.

Well, it said on the site that DayZ isn’t compatible with steam installs, can any of you guys confirm or deny?

Hmm, I bought Arma 2 through their own website some time ago…I think.

This looks very very interesting- Is there a Qt3 group playing this or?

I’m using Steam and I can get on the servers but I think a different bug is keeping me from playing as it hangs on the loading screen.

Create a folder in the steam Operation Arrowhead folder like this

\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation [email protected]\Addons

then extract all the compressed files into that Addon folder.

Then go to the Operation Arrowhead menu in Steam and click properties

under launch options type “[email protected]” the launch combined operations and it should run when you login to a DayZ server. I get a message saying config bin no weapon and it sticks on loading screen. Others report that same problem so it may not be steam related.

I have at least one clanmate playing this on Steam, it should work as long as you dl the relevant files from There is an updater, but even the devs recommend you don’t use it right now.

This is indeed not steam related, I have been suffering from this same issue. However, according to the changelog (above link) it was fixed with the most recent update.

Both european server are full to the brim, and the one US server too. and there appears to be nowhere a description or files necessary to set one up. Pity. I think this was the first video of a modification that immediately sold me.

What part of their site? I am in their site and I don’t see mention of Steam in the news, about or download section.

Official trailer

edit: Oh I didn’t know this: the mod is done by a Bohemia dev (but it’s considered his personal, pet project, nothing official).

The issue is there’s a whole load of backend stuff, as in the database that handles all the player data (the “persistent” part of the mod). At least, thats how I understand it.

If you had an interest in donating a server for use, you could probably contact the Devs directly :)

From the author

In the future - time permitting (and once I have completed the project) - I intent to release a “DayZ lite” which is just the scripts and framework for mission designers to use. As it stands, they could actually use most of these as it is by studying the files themselves and reverse engineering how I put together the Zombie AI and the approach I took to the scheduling dilemma usually faced by servers in particular.

It’s not a “home user” system. There is a central server controlled by a central database and application (EXE). Then there are child nodes, that communication through an EXE also. This connects with ArmA2 and populates the world inside it. This “extra-net” uses ArmA2 as its canvas, but paints from its own memory. Even if I were to release all of the source for the EXE application, the EXE itself, you would need to map out the IP schema in the database to authorize the child nodes, configure the database to your requirements, populate the world. I don’t think this would run very well on one computer, certainly not with the >600 zombies and fifty players on the USA server tonight.

Tried it with a buddy- this is pretty cool except for the lack of supplies, at least at night.

Have not played it in the day yet, so going to do that tomorrow.