Armada 2526

Anyone tried out this 4x game by former Total War designer R.T. Smith? Evidently a sequel to Interstel’s 18-year-old Armada 2525. (Details at

There’s already a thread. Is it out yet? I’m definitely prepared to take my chances on this one.

Yes, it’s out; I just ordered a copy through

Does not seem to be up on Matrix’s site yet.

Given how many many many hours I spent on Armada 2525 this is a guaranteed buy for me.

Peter, actually it’s not out yet. Troy Goodfellow and I just talked to the developer for a podcast, and he said it should be out by the end of the month.


Sorry if this is off-topic, but this has nothing to do with the awesome Dreamcast game of the same name, does it?



It’s not, but Armada Online is from the same people.


Far be it from me to correct a developer, but EB reports it shipped the game to me today!


So, does the game have as many typos in it as the website?

Curiouser and curiouser. As near as I can tell, Matrix isn’t confirming a release date yet for the downloadable version. I wonder if part of the retail deal is a period of exclusivity before it’s available online.


Oh wow, turn based space 4X with real time battles (trailer implies you can do space+ground simultaneously)? I am sooo buying this.

Or perhaps, more realistically, EB are being lying faggets as usual…

I’m definitely curious about this one with all its similarities to Sword of the Stars, but I think I might hold out to see if it comes to Steam instead of dealing with Matrix’s craptastic download service.

It looks more to me like GalCiv with tactical combat.

It looks more like MOO than GalCiv. The star map seems to be node based, i.e. the action happens mainly in star systems, rather than GalCiv’s open grid system in which you spend a lot of time exploring all the space between stars. I could be wrong, though. I should listen to Troy’s podcast…

If you check EB now, there is no release date and no copies available with 100 miles of any zip code I type in. EB saying they shipped it and you receiving it are 2 different things.

I’m not sure what page you consulted. It’s still listed among games “now shipping” (at the bottom of the main PC page) and as shipping within 24 hours on the game’s page.

Let us know tomorrow if you received it.

Will do. (Tracking shows it should turn up then.)