Arrested Development Complete Series $34 today only at

It’s the Gold Box special of the day. The complete run of one of the best television series in history. You owe it to yourself to buy it.

Thanks, Bob. Just placed my order!

Hot damn that’s an awesome deal.

Thanks very much, Bob. Good grab.

If I didn’t already own seasons 1 and 2, I’d buy this in a heartbeat.
I might get it anyway to use as a Christmas gift.

Wow. I resisted for about 30 seconds, then ordered.

Jeezus, well, I just ordered. While sitting on the bus no less. Sigh, my phone makes blowing cash far too easy. But I’ve been meaning to buy these forever now, and that price is just too good.

This is what I did, as I already own all three seasons. Such a good show.

Holy cow! Thanks for the tip!

I did not hesitate. Thanks, Bob.

Cool, I’ve heard such good things about the show, but never watched it. Too good a deal to pass up.

If this wasnt always running on HDnet I’d bite, but I dont want it in SD all that much since I can see it constantly in HD.

Nice deal though

They’re not in SD, they’re DVD-resolution pared down from the HD feed. And they aren’t going to be running on HDnet forever. Anyone who doesn’t buy these is a fool.

DVD resolution is what? 480p? that’s SD.

Anyways, I can grab them on whatever format wins the war, I dont buy DVDs anymore.

Then again, I AM a fool.

Big Yellow Joint! Big Yellow Joint!

I bought one, you bastards.

Nice deal. Makes me wish I could find my season 2 set. I’ve got to stop lending DVDs to my family members.

On the upside, I’m going to an Arrested Development costume party Saturday where we’ll be watching the entire 3rd season. Hopefully I can get a Mr Banana Grabber suit together by then.

Wow. Lots of acid wash cut-offs at that party, I’d imagine.

That reminds me, I’ve been looking for “stripper pants” like the ones G.O.B. wears for the longest time, but haven’t found any. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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I ended up not buying it as a gift. I thought I’d get it for my sister & brother-in-law for Christmas, but I made an exploratory call to my sister last night and she said her husband was collecting the DVD seasons of … Hogan’s Heroes??? WTF? I haven’t seen HH since I was a kid so I’ve only a faint impression that it’s unwatchably silly … am I right? Anyway, I decided maybe they wouldn’t appreciate Arrested Development after all.

I also got some elaboration from my sister about what kind of gamer my brother-in-law is: he plays Starcraft, Civilization, Axis & Allies (the board game) and in general likes strategy and space-themed games. They also have a six-year-old computer. I’m considering getting him Space Rangers 2 and/or Kohan 2 (neither of which I’ve played, but qt3ers seem to like both series quite a bit) and maybe the Axis & Allies PC game (although I know it got poor reviews; my sister thought he’d be interested in trying it). Any other suggestions that fit those constraints? I’m pretty sure he’s not a hardcore gamer. AoE2 or one of the Homeworld games might also fit for him.

480i is SD.