Assassin's Creed Valhalla

World Premier Trailer tomorrow:

Assassin’s Creed Vahalla Announced

I am excited! Could be a really fun if its Black Flag but with Vikings.

Yeah, I am ALL ABOUT Assassin’s Creed Ragnar or Assassin’s Creed Uhtred. Pump that right into my veins!

Hope the hidden blade is a 1 hit kill again.

Nice! Can’t wait! Ubisoft continuesly makes more or less exactly the kind of games I want so I am always excited about them. And this time they are talking about MY ancestors - bring it!

Soundtrack including Tyr or no sale

Same here.

It’s like comfort food, or a Michael Bay movie. You know exactly what you’re getting and you have fun doing it, haters be damned.

“But UBI games suck because they’re all the same!” - Fuck off.

Easy credit song! :P

The funny thing is that my GF and I just talked about how nice it would be to have an AC in a viking setting.

Well, there ya go.

Now I need to talk with her about how nice it would be to finally get a proper sequel to Warlords Battlecry 3…

I assume this means the game will have even less parkour/climbing than the last few. Vikings weren’t exactly known for tall buildings.

If you’re a Viking proper I’d think there will be good occasion for lots of tall buildings, might not be in Scandinavia though.

I suppose so if you’re raiding.

The leaks from a few months back claimed the map covers all of Northern Europe with several major cities.

Also talked about some kind of character classes, 4 character party with drop in co-op, and being able to upgrade the hidden blade to 1-hit kill…

Can’t wait!

Also the release date was said to be September 2020

I’m mostly interested just to see next-gen visuals. Odyssey honestly left me a little burned out on the AC formula again, but maybe this’ll look fresh enough to pull me back in.

I mean, Ubisoft themselves ended up delaying pretty much every major game they had planned through this year, citing the need to “differentiate” their franchises more, because that feeling of sameness was damaging their sales numbers.

There is so much Scandinavian metal, good and bad, to choose from, it would be hard to avoid including something…

Releasing against Cyberpunk? Hooray.

I wonder if they will bring back the brotherhood mechanic, just make it your clan coming to help or something. :P

It was so badass back in the day being Ezio and just waving my hand to get my assassin brothers to take out some guards.

I think they’re doing the Widlands style 4 player drop-in. There’s your brotherhood…

Marc Morris is amused

(there were no castles in Anglo-Saxon England).

Wildlands? Yay. Breakpoint? I’m out.