Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Earlier in the thread, I pointed out the way the “Avenge a fallen player” quest system isn’t working right in Valhalla. I finally found a video confirming what I suspected. It works exactly like the similar quests in Origins, and apparently does fire off in Valhalla just very rarely and may be bugged.

Hmm, that’s odd. I took them all at between 200-300 in power, but I relied heavily on the counter/parry attack and some of the abilities. And a lot of running around.
So you did a run around and picked up all the english tablets while underleveled for that area too then? Maybe you lack a few books of knowledge to upgrade a few abilities?

Oh, right! I actually found ONE throughout my entire playthrough. Didn’t think much of it afterwards but that is pretty odd, yeah.

I have all the abilities but parry seems to work about 1/5th the time for me… It’s very frustrating, no idea how to time them better.

sorry, everyone. I did a search for “settlement” but saw some results with spoiler warnings so I backed out.

I just want to know how the settlement mechanic is. Is it a chore where you have to maintain settlers happiness levels and things like that, or is it just an expandable base that gives you incentive to explore and loot resources?

The latter. You raid locations to get resources you invest in building type X. There are a few quests that emerge as you upgrade the place.

Cool. Thanks for the info. I can deal with that. Installing now.

Very similar to the Homestead in AC3.

Holy shit, I just learned that I can remap the controls! I am definitely gonna mess with this tomorrow. I have never been comfortable with the bumpers controlling attacks. My muscle memory always goes to the buttons a la the Arkham titles, Witcher, Yakuza, etc.

So, I’m really enjoying this game so far. Maybe about 10 hours in? I just finished my first plotline to get an ally in England. It was quite fun, and varied, due to an investigation I had to do. Then I get back to home base and the game is like, “Here’s a shit-ton of other random activities for you to do,” and I don’t care so much to do these things. I wish this game existed out of the AssCreed universe because it is fun as hell and I am invested enough in Eivor’s story. The franchise baggage weighs it down.

OK I am sure this has been discussed already, but does this game have the worst skill tree ever or what? Like it is just bad from top to bottom. The layout is confusing - it’s very hard to work out what to invest in to get to the upgrades. And when you get to the upgrades, they are almost all terrible - ooh now I can swap weapons between hands! What about letting me do something useful like quickly change between bows without having to navigate through the clumsy inventory screen for the 100th time?

This ties in with the terrible loot drops - the skills I’m getting tell me I’m getter higher stats if I’m wearing my bear armour or wolf armour. Well I’m 30 hours into this game and I have found exactly 1 other set of armour other than my starting set - the crappy huntsman set. But good to know I’m getting better stats on lots of armour I have never seen.

The actual cool stuff is in the abilities. I have 8 I can use anytime, but this is useless because of the adrenaline bar that only lets me fire off 1 or 2 every fight.

I thought they had fixed all these issues in Odyssey? That had a great skill tree. But in Valhalla when I get those 2 skill points pop up, I actually don’t want to go into the tree to use them, so that stupid ‘2’ reminder just sits on my screen. /rant

No. You’re correct. Valhalla has an awful skill tree, and tying the special powers to loot books is terrible too.

Different teams, too, IIRC, for Odyssey and Valhalla. Valhalla is the Origins team I think? But yeah, playing Odyssey again after Valhalla does show how much better the Valhalla fight mechanics are, but also how much better Odyssey handled skills/abilities.

I don’t mind having to find the loot books - their locations are usually interesting mini-puzzles. But I get them faster than I can use them. There are cool abilities there I have not used once!

Coming from a fully play through of Tsushima where every skill you got was useful and you could use it as much as you wanted (unless it was for a consumable), makes this even more frustrating.

Can’t be just teams. Origins had a meaningful skill system trying to be as RPG-ish as possible. Like you had a social skill affecting merchant prices. It’s as far as possible from Valhalla’s skill tree of boring stats that aren’t even explained.

Clearly something was lost in translation, that’s for sure.

I often have well over 20 skill points unspent because i don’t care. Part of this clearly has to do with the “tiered” enemy onion layer system, where “trash tier” enemies are dead kind of regardless of your skills.

I think i’ve stalled out on Valhalla though… got to East Anglia (i think?) and haven’t really played for a while. I was zero-ing out the previous regions though, and got a bit worn down.

Huh, I actually liked the skill tree. Or maybe “like” was a strong word, it just didn’t bother me at all. Given that you got the skill points so quickly, and you could rearrange them at anytime, it wasn’t ever a problem.

Bought this on sale using Ubi points (I had played it originally as part of the subscription, which I of course let lapse after doing one play through). Trying a second run with a male Eivor (for variety, regardless of canon) and Bererker difficulty, Pathfinder exploration. First time at 1440p, too. Damn this game is pretty. It was great at 1080p but now, wow. I really love how meaty the combat is too. After I finished this the first time (well, mostly finished) I went and played some Odyssey, and while I still feel that is a better overall game, the combat there felt noticeably less satisfying.

This time I’m going to try to actually get the collectibles that were all bugged in my first run through, and other stuff I missed. I’m also going to take my time, as its not like I need to advance the story to see what happens. I’m also going to try some different gear combos.

I am liking male Eivor better than female Eivor, simply because he seems to fit a lot of the dialog and character interactions a bit better IMO.

Randvi is still hot as hell though.

Huh, interesting, I felt the other way =)

I love Ubisoft and their pretty much sexual freedom in games, but in Valhalla (and actually in Odyssey as well) there are no really cool hook ups for a female, straight Cassandra or Eivor. This is such a ridiculous comment from me, that I’ve never bothered to say it before but I’m doing it anyway. There are plenty of hot, cool and awesome women to pick from, but the guys? Come oooon. The first fella I met in Valhalla that seemed remotely interesting was Stowe, but he seemed to be in the canoodles with Erke and didn’t respond to my flirting.
Then there was Vili of course, my, apparaent, high school crush or something like that. Disappointingly enough, Eivor is not interested in more than a “one time thing” with him. I recruited him to my ship, hoping I could flirt with him at the docks, to no avail.

So who’s left? The frikkin baker. He’s a nice guy and all, but he’s just a little to lame for my bad ass Eivor.

So… no wonder she’ll go gay the other playthrough