Auto-sell your hundreds of Steam items

Never mind, I’m an idiot, never actually clicked the new button that says “sell all.” Now it is working great. Thanks for posting this.

Yeah it seems to be working for me too now. Hit the Sell All button again and my phone is blowing up with confirmations for each sale, which did NOT happen the last time I did it.

Worked like Magic, It is wonderful. Gonna be 30 Bucks if I get everything sold. Nice.

here is a silly question? Any way i can sell my never going to play again games? Now that for me could be a cash cow! lol


While I thought it worked it looks like it didn’t actually list the items on the store. Even though it went though it all. :sadface

If you set up two factor, check your phone to confirm the listings.

I do have 2fa but nothing popped up there.

Thanks a lot mate! Got 38 euros - enough for me to justify picking up Timberborn and Riftbreaker today after all the games I already bought this month… ;-)

I finally got past the 7 day period for having the mobile auth active, and was able to take down and relist all the holds. Up to $16.80 in the wallet so far.

Hmm, apparently I can’t see anything on the marketplace because I haven’t bought anything from steam in the last year. On one had that sucks as I wanted to sell my $12 worth of junk, on the other hand yeah Gamepass for saving me money.

Ooh, me too. Relisted via website on my PC and confirmed via my phone app. Now all my stuff is on sale and I’m raking in the dimes!

Sloooooowly selling off everything. Up to $19.53 with about $5 worth of items left. At roughly 3 cents an item.