Avengers 3: Infinity War


They’ve done a good job of making him seem mysterious. I know he’s Gamora’s dad, at least I think I know that. Also he wants the the little jewelmabob things everyone’s been trying to get their hands on in the other movies. So that’ll probably go somewhere.


Why does he need more motivation than what he has in the books? I don’t want to get into spoiler territory for people who haven’t read the stories, but I think his origin and motivations are just fine for a Mad Titan.


I was kinda wondering if they’d tie Thanos to the big bad from Thor: Ragnarok in the Cinematic Universe as a nod to his original motivations (well, one of them), but the end of that move makes that seem, um. . . unlikely.


I get that most people aren’t walking into a comic hero mega team-up movie to feature a sympathetic or even compelling bad guy. No one ultimately cares why CG dudes are trading blows. We just want to see cool scenes. Thanos wants McGuffins to yadda yadda we have to stop him is good enough for the majority of the audience.

I just, you know, want better written bad guys. At this point I’ve kind of had my fill of Big Bad Dude Destroys Stuff as the central conflict. We’ve gotten a couple of really good villains like Vulture, but that isn’t the norm unfortunately.


I do hope that since the movie already borrows elements like Outriders, the Black Order, and the attack on Wakanda from Hickman’s Avengers run, that the moments where Thanos chews through Thor and Hulk also make it into the movie in some form too.

He already smacks Iron Man with the non-gauntlet hand:


See that gif right there kind of bums me out. You’ve got this massively powerful entity and he chooses to engage in fisticuffs with a dude in powered armor. Which yeah, I know, dramatic movie stuff. But it’s just like how I felt a little let down in Attack of the Clones when super wise and powerful Jedi master Yoda meets his enemy and, you know, draws his light saber and starts swinging away. Is that all you’ve got?


I’d argue that it’s an appropriate way to portray his ego (I’m Thanos, I can LOL around and punch people because I can) and power level. In the movies to date, he’s just been shown as a dude in a floating chair with threats and having others do his work. Now, he doesn’t even need his Infinity Gauntlet hand to smack a power armored dude. It’s also why I hope the Hulk and Thor moments from Hickman’s “Infinity” also make it into the movie.


Nah, I’m kinda with ya there, @divedivedive. The big smack-around, nigh-consequence-free fight scenes in the Marvel flicks are far and away my least favorite parts now. The big bridge fight at the end of Thor was boring by about 45 seconds in, but it just kept going and going as more and more packs of non-human cannon fodder got mowed down by special movies to sweet music.

Not to say a fight scene can’t be interesting. The framing and shockingly efficient violence of Yondu’s arrow attack in GotG2 was cool, albeit even then perhaps played a little long. The climactic fight between Iron Man, Bucky, and Cap at the end of Civil War had just enough simmering intra-character conflict riding it that I could pay attention to more than half of it.

But still, end of the day, watching giant dudes whaling on each other gets a little boring after awhile.


Depends on the dude. I get a kick out of watching some of them. .And watching BvS have a consequence for their big fight did not make the villain or the fight or the movie better.


Anyone else suspect that’s Hulk/Banner in the Hulkbuster armor from the way it jumps?


Banner losing the ability to, well, Hulk out, is a time honored Hulk trope, so it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if he couldn’t perform, takes a turn in the Hulkbuster armor because he doesn’t want to stand by, has the armor beaten off of him, and the Hulks out at the last second before his puny Banner body is crushed.

I mean, that will happen in a Marvel movie eventually.


This came up in a 4chan “leak” of the story with some additional details/context. Mainly, that Banner is piloting the Hulkbuster, but one of the members of Thanos’ Black Order kicks his ass and rips him out of the Hulkbuster, and that triggers Banner to finally transform and kill the baddie."

Because 4chan, there’s equal chance of it being a real moment or just random internet nonsense.


Uh, that you, Mr. President?


First off, uh, what did you expect him to do, go shake hands?

Secondly, you’re going to render opinion based upon a 3 sec gif?


Maybe Thanos doesn’t need the Infinity Gems to beat Iron Man? Maybe Thanos enjoys violence? I trust Marvel to not fuck it up.


I think Marvel has done a much, much better job of this than DC. They seem to mostly be able to anticipate where audiences are going to be in this front and being ahead of it. Man of Steel vs. A2, for example- MoS was pilloried for the wanton destruction without regard for human life, A2 on the other hand, explicitly had a section of the team evacuating the city. Just when you’re tired of seeing yet another city reduced to rubble, along comes Dr. Strange at the climax to stop the villain… and the city had already been destroyed, so they priced to * put it back together in the middle of a fight scene by rewinding time. They’ve earned my trust to keep the idea fresh and the stakes high.


Man that trailer was so fun. Looking forward to this!


And Civil War made an excellent case that a big comic booky superhero brawl can be wonderfully entertaining, it doesn’t have to be a bland CGI disaster.


Yeah, there’s an awful lot of grumbling in this thread already and it’s just a trailer. Marvel movies have for the most part been very good at giving fights a reason for being there. Can we please wait til the movie comes out before savaging it with backlash?


First off, this is exactly what I expected, which is partly why I’m bummed. Secondly, this is the three seconds they chose to show me. If you’ve got another three seconds of this encounter you’d like to show me, I’ll judge that one too.