Avengers 3: Infinity War


CIvil War’s fight was pretty good for having basically no real consequences. But I expect Infinity War’s fights to actually have stakes and consequences (still just speculation, but if there’s a way to permanently exit an actor’s expiring contract, it’d be in Infinity War fights).


This is really the Marvel movie(s) that comic fans have been waiting for since they started making adaptations. So much foundation was necessary to get to this point, and they have the creative team responsible for the 2 best Marvel movies making it.

Only downside is they’re hanging onto that lame Avengers theme music. It’s just too fluffy and generic (seems like a riff to mark a screen wipe) and needs to go.




In all seriousness, I’m surprised that theme riff has defenders, other than rationalizing that it reminds you of a movie (or two) that you like so you’re pleased to hear something otherwise so banal.


I was about to say almost exactly that—it reminds me of movies I love, but it’s nothing special at all on its own. It’s not a great theme.


Re: action-scenes – I generally agree that a lot of superhero action scenes haven’t been very interesting and start to feel samey, so I prefer other aspects of even some of the better movies more. BUT, the action scenes in Winter Soldier were amazing, and they were almost as good in Civil War – the Russo brothers are amazing at depicting action scenes, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with this cast of versatile characters. Their action scenes are right up there with the best action scenes in any movies over the past decade.


The main Avengers theme music is fucking awsome, period.


I literally had no idea there was an Avengers theme in these movies. I watched the trailer earlier and still couldn’t tell you what it sounded like. Oops


Yea…and the problem with that is what exactly?

(imagine the questioning joker gif here)


My fear is that with so many characters to service it’s either going to be half a story, a 3 hour movie or a whole bunch of characters showing up for a scene and dropping out of the movie afterwards.

Still, Marvel hasn’t made an incompetent movie yet, they’ve all ranged from decent to great, don’t really expect this movie to break that streak…


But they’ve all got one or more of their own movies leading up to this.


Of course it won’t happen but I want Thanos to f*ck everyone up.


This is still two movies, right? I’m really curious whether they’re going to flow into each other, or if the first part will set up a new status quo that will be reflected in the other Marvel films until it’s resolved in the second part.


I don’t follow comics, but I assume Thanos is the baddest bad guy that’s ever been bad?

I guess this is it, right? The culmination of ten years of superhero movie crossovers? There’s nowhere bigger and bolder to go after that?


Not going to lie, these characters could probably just drool for a couple of hours and I’d be happy… or you know, trailer looks awesome.


There are many big bads. He’s just a rather powerful one in humanoid form who likes death a lot.


By the way… about the characters:

I guess Thor lost an eye to make a reference to Odin, but he looks like Solid Snake, which I guess is cool?



From what I understand, we’re in the middle/end of ‘Phase 3’ right now. The second of the Infinity Gauntlet movies (they aren’t saying what the actual name of that is right now) will supposedly wrap up this phase and set the stage for the next. Older heroes will be retired (Iron man and Cap, probably? among others), and the newer heroes will take center stage. They have said Phase 4 will be ‘very different’- not saying how, though, of course.

I’m guessing this movie will go badly for the team, in an ‘Empire Strikes Back’ sort of way.


But you are basically saying, as you yourself noted, “Is that all you got?” based upon a 3 second trailer, which is absurd. You have no idea what leads up to that moment or what comes after it. No context whatsoever.


There’s nothing absurd about it whatsoever. They made the trailer, I viewed it. If they don’t want people forming opinions about them, probably best to stop releasing trailers.