Avoiding the scary bits - advice & requests thread

Hey. So I love movies but hate being scared. Sometimes what appears to be a great movie also has scary bits in it meaning I have to skip it or get advice on which bits are actually scary (so I can close my eyes , skip the scene or walk out for a few mins).

This kind of advice would hopefully be spoiler free but also give solid advice for the wuss watcher. For example. “In Alien if you dont like jump scares then leave when one of the characters is being held down on a table having spasms.”

Perhaps fellow softies can also make use of the thread.

Anyway to kick us off, I really want to watch Prometheus on Amazon tonight but I hear there are a few very scary scenes, and one in particular towards the end. Can anyone give me some tips & pointers as to when to skip? Any hints or tells that the scary bits are coming?

Any help appreciated! Thanks!

Prometheus is not very good and I’d recommend just not watching it. But as to your question most of the scenes are fairly telegraphed, oh dumb scientists are playing with some alien snake thing however will this turn out?

Thanks! So the alien snake thing is a good time to skip then :) Yeah I have heard different things from different friends about the movie. Ranging from “worse than Alien resurrection” to “one of the best examples of modern movie making techniques out there”. Anyway if I dare watch it I will post in the Prometheus thread with my reactions.


Many many people will chime in / have chimed in on this point, but the most frightening thing about Prometheus is how bad it is. I would beg you not to see it.

Hmm. Ok good enough for me. I will pass :) Gonna read a SF book instead. Thanks!

Prometheus is an awesome movie, and folks who think otherwise are dirty lying liars.

But if you don’t like “scary” movies, it’s probably not ideal, since it’s part of the Alien series.

Opposing view: Prometheus is fucking terrible, and is yet another example of an old man, in this case, Ridley Scott, trying to demonstrate he’s still got it like in did back in Alien… and ends up pissing not only all over himself, but all over his earlier work, as well.

Kind of like Chris RoC(S(B**(S&JSLKS


And just for the hell of it - Prometheus is neither amazing or terrible, just fairly rote with really only one interesting character. Good effects though.

Only the laws of probability can save us! On IMDB, Prometheus gets a 7.0, which means that on average most people thought it was fairly decent. However, the standard deviation is all over the place, so if you’re an outlier you will either love it or really despise it! In other words, statistics tells us nothing useful, other than @Rod_Humble would - statistically speaking - probably enjoy Prometheus. Maybe.

I’d say go for it Rod! It’s a well-made movie, decent acting, looks awesome, but with some bizarre plot holes which you can either overlook or which will have you typing “Why Prometheus sucks!” rants in the Prometheus thread for the next week. The worst thing about Prometheus was how disappointing it was given its potential.

Anyway, as for the scare factor, well… it’s hardly Alien, more like Aliens in that there are a couple of somewhat gory / gross scenes that might not play if you’re having dinner. Look away if you see one of the characters pick up what appears to be a rather large parasitic worm (although you may be too busy screaming WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU MORON! at the screen), you might want to look into your coffee cup as one of the characters start to examine his bloodshot eye in the mirror, and you might want to take a bathroom break when one of the characters climbs into a medical machine and starts trying to operate it. Oh, and then right at the end you might want to look away when the characters are trying to escape from a crashing spaceship otherwise you’ll probably blow a blood vessel at their stupidity. And I nearly forgot, right at the very end of the movie there’s a very gory sequence which… well, I won’t give it away, but it’s pretty damned obvious what’s going to happen when it starts to happen.

Just remember that the original Alien gave us the Sigourny Weaver SNL sketch with the line “The monster is only big enough to kill us one at a time. Let’s split up and look for it.”

I like using Prometheus as an example of someone who took a decent story idea and had no idea whatsoever how to develop it in a way that makes sense. From start to finish it’s chock full of stupidity. So I’d watch it, but only if I had nothing else better on my short list.

I like watching stupid horror movies on a lazy Saturday afternoon… that’d be a perfect time for viewing this movie.