Baby Mama

I love Tina Fey in 30 Rock, but this looks like complete lowest common denominator shit.

Maybe, maybe not. It’s getting decent reviews so far.

Maybe it’s possible that some people are mistaking “Not aimed at my market segment” with “lowest common denominator shit.” I didn’t like Superbad, but that didn’t make it a bad movie. Just not one that has themes that I give a damn about.

I don’t see how this qualifies as “lowest common denominator” shit since (a) it’s not set in prison; (b) a road trip is not involved; and © no one is wearing a fat suit/wearing make-up to make them look like another gender/race.

Shit, QT3, has months of misogynistic-based political coverage poisoned the hivemind?

Big Mama’s Shawshank Road Trip was a classic, you bastard.

(d) Rob Schneider isn’t in it.

You seem to be implying that this is some change that’s come over QT3.

I don’t think the whole hivemind has become misogynistic, although I certainly lack the history here to make that judgment. Lizard King’s posts certainly qualify, though.

Ironically, Fey and Poehler on SNL usually teamed up for guy-oriented misogynist humor, and I would expect more of the same from this movie.

King’s not misogynistic, he just confuses not being a jerk with fawning over women on the internet.

I for one am sick and tired of being lumped in with the other misogynists.

I could be wrong but I think Amy Poehler could have been replaced with a chimpanzee and the jokes in the trailer wouldn’t have been much different.

Hey, I was referring to the hivemind, not anyone specifically. It’s the nature of the thing, this being a board that is about gaming and all. :)

Obama’s a woman?


Your original response was better. But I understand why you’re upset. This was where I was going to go with an excellent gender baiting tangent, but instead I’ll leave it at that. My curiosity about this movie: satisfied (thanks non cream of the crop reviewers!). My gratitude that my wife would never see a movie like this voluntarily: doubled.

Yeah, that’s possible. At first, I was confused as to why Jerri would laud this movie in advance, when it seemed to trigger the exact same bullshit alarms in me with the trailer I saw as the Owen Wilson vehicle she so presciently trashed (correctly, I imagine). I wanted there to be a good reason. Turns out, there was, and now I’m a misogynist for reading the writing on the wall out loud.

Bill Simmons recently interviewed Seth Myers (writer for SNL), and they talked a bit about this movie. They mentioned that female comedians are becoming more popular, with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Kristen Wiig all finding success on SNL. Baby Mama is a litmus test to see if America is willing to accept female comedians as equal to men. If Baby Mama bombs, and does much worse than Sandler or Ferrel’s first movies, it might be easily attributed to gender biases rather than the actual quality of the movie.

Having said that, the trailer looked terrible. Of course, SNL is not normally my cup of tea.

Women aren’t funny! </Christopher Hitchens>


Right. Because there’s no chance it has bad writing, poor casting choices, a crappy director, or it just wasn’t the kind of film people wanted to see. If it fails it’s because we hate female comedians.

Huge fan of everyone in this, I like SNL, I have huge respect for women, and I like female comedians. (Didn’t propose to my wife until I ensured that Janeane Garofalo wasn’t going to take me up on my offer to give me a call sometime.)

But the previews for this just make it look like the humor is over-the-top, Rob Schneider-level stupid.

I’d expect more from Tina Fey, so perhaps the previews are just poorly constructed.

Hey, I have no problem with people who don’t think this movie looks funny. I wouldn’t see it either if I didn’t like the actresses or didn’t think it would be entertaining. (My standards are probably lower than most of yours.)

I’m just puzzled by Lizard King’s wildly out-of-proportion posts on the topic, every last one of which made a point of slamming the movie for having female leads or perhaps (gasp) appealing to a female audience. It’s like he’s offended by the very idea.

I wanted to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall last weekend, and it’s pretty much a dude flick, as near as I can tell.