Back 4 Blood

played through the first part of act 1 with randoms, this is a lot more team-oriented than L4D was imo, the heavier specials just can’t be fought 1v1 easily on the higher difficulties due to their health.

One thing I noticed is that special items are way more powerful than they were in L4D. A grenade or propane tank can one-shot the regular special infected.

Replying to myself, it seems is the game, not my router. Or at least, other people have the same issue:

That explains why I couldn’t finish my act 1 run yesterday with randoms. Good job TurtleRock.

BTW, despite the $60 (60€) price tag, the lack of hype and being on Gamepass (and there are rumors that they are close to 30M subscribers), the game is no. 1 on the Steam current bestsellers.

I am surprised myself, I saw 50k players on the Steam chart, even after WWZ dropped on Steam a few weeks ago.

The hunger for brainz is real.

I wonder if the maps get better, other than a fun bar fight location, I haven’t been impressed with any at the start of the game.

WWZ and L4D 1/2 had locations that were awesome.

Not just that but last time I checked earlier today it was sat at ‘Very Positive’ on Steam, which is a huge surprise given the general lukewarm reception the beta got.

I’ll gladly play with anyone – do we have a QT3 Steam group for this yet?

This game does a thing that I hate from other similar games: the player models get covered in blood and guts as time passes, so after a few hordes they look so hard to distinguish from normal zombies! provoking extra friendly fire.

Since I am on the GamePass , you have to friend me via the social tab in game. But I will gladly kill zombies with anyone, if I have free time.

I am sure I’ll burn out on this by the end of the month.


Wow is the swarm mode (PvP) stuff bad. It would seem if the enemy team all rage quits, you get nothing as the survivors. After surviving 3 waves of attacks, this screen popped up:

I liked this enough that I plonked down the $50 to buy it off Greenmangaming. L4D is probably my favorite video game of all time so what the heck, why not. Also this way I don’t have to keep my gamepass going forever (which I’ll end up doing anyways…best deal in gaming!)

My new user ID is: TheDude#3259

I’ll try friending some of you in game.

I sent requests to several of you. My ID for B4B friends is NeverDigital#4221.

A few of my friends and I plan to play this together, but our shared gaming time is so sporadic that it would be nice to have some other folks to party up with as well.

I’m pretty sure the first time I played the Swarm mode was also the last time.


Well, it’s still no “fishpockets”, but it beats BSA1979! :)


Sent a few invites out as well. I’m typically a 10PM+ EST player.

Burning the supply points I earned last night and can I say, I dislike being forced to spend points on non-gameplay impacting cosmetics, but I absolute hate having to spend points to buy pants…

Pants that are purely cosmetic, and apparently only apply to a single character.

C’mon TurtleRoxxers, I find your lack of imagination disturbing.

I don’t think I like this long-ass campaign thing. It’s a little exhausting and the whole thing doesn’t have a lot of thematic coherence to me at this point. I liked L4D’s more concise campaigns. Get to the airport, get the fuck out, etc., and they were punchier. This sort of drags, and everybody just drones on way too damned much. Other than that enjoyable so far.

The campaign should have been broken up into 3 chapter acts, its a mess in its current state imho when trying to pick up in the middle of an act and waiting forever to get people to join.

I paused this and went to Destiny 2, with the hopes in part than in a pair of weeks they will release an update fixing the most important stuff, like matchmaking and difficulty.

I’m really disappointed that there’s not split screen on console for this. My wife and I played the heck out of L4D on Xbox back in the day.