Baldur's Gate 3 — Here Be Spoiler's

All spoilers go in here. Please use the spoiler tag judiciously! Whenever possible include a brief description too like “spoilers early in act 1”, particularly in the first week or so.


I was shocked to discover that my character had sex with 17 different people, creatures, and objects just in the prologue.

I can beat that, my tiefling whorelock just serviced at least four of the nine hells! Her name is Tiffany and she loves walks on the beach, her little doggie Frederick, an unrelenting grasp on power at any cost, and quaffing the blood of her enemies.

“Quaffing” is an underused word, IMO.

The game begins with a setpiece - pretty standard for games like this (as I recall, in BG2 you started out in prison and had to escape it, right?). So anyway, the setpiece is fairly short and at the end of it is a battle where you have to manipulate a foozle.

In reference to the start, I wanna tell you about a funny playthrough I had the other day.

I rolled a… Fighter I think, to try it out. Picked a few early optional fights that went well so I was feeling good about myself.

You walk in on a fight between a Mind Flayer and a Demon of some sort. The Mind Flayer (who is nominally friendly to you) tells you to connect some tentacles so the ship can escape the Hells. The fight is designed so you can ignore their battle; you basically avoid them, fight some small battles and soon make your way to a console, connect tentacles, and boom, cutscene! But this time I thought “why not fight the big Demon, should be fun… maybe he has some good loot! Plus I’m pretty powerful”. So instead of making a beeline to the console, we fought the demon, and lo and behold, we killed him. He dropped two pieces of loot, one of which was a magical sword - score! I moved to the console and we wrapped up the minor enemies.

Since the battle was over, it went back to real-time mode. I was basking in my victory when the Mind Flayer then says to us “since all our enemies are defeated I don’t need you any more” and hits us with a gigantic mind blast, killing everyone instantly - game over!


I’m in the refectory doing battle with some bad guys and Gale (who is recruited into my party) became incapacitated. I revived him with a scroll but he is now has a necrotic aura which is making anyone who comes near him sick. I returned to camp and did a long rest but he still has the necrotic aura. Google is giving me threads from the 2020 EA but I can’t find the solution.

meh I just reloaded and made sure he didn’t go down

I wonder if that’s associated with his “condition?”

I haven’t played EA so I’m not aware of his condition. Will be interesting if others report the same problem once he’s recruited into their party.

I’ll be playing this because I like genuine D&D cRPGs with all the lore (Goldbox, NWN, etc.), eye candy, and the idea of a mind-flayer putting a baby illithid in your ear that grows up to be a bit mischievous. On my first playthrough of NWN’s HotU expansion, my player character and his henchmen had immunity to mind-spells so I wiped out the entire illithid hive without breaking a sweat but on my 2nd playthrough, no one in my party had this immunity. It was actually kind of fun to have us killing each other as the mind-flayers pointed their fingers at us and did what mind-flayers do best.

If I recall correctly


if he dies you may need to inspect his body and a hologram pops up. There is a funny event related to this.

Two early game questions. I will try to phrase the issue somewhat generically so as not to spoil the specifics

First, I’m in a cave after defeating a big ass animal and I can’t

(owlbear cave) figure out how to open the Arcane chest. There’s a little blue/silver chest that is protected by magic. I jumped over the gap where the statue is and discovered a piece of paper with a prayer on it. Shadowheart got a Religion success and she can read it just fine. I have tried reading the prayer at the chest would disarm it but nope, it still shocks anyone who touches it. How can I remove the magic on the chest?

Second, in the Emerald Grove, I bartered with a small child trader and then (it’s a quest)

someone steals some of my belongings. The boss of this operation is Mol and I can’t figure out how to resolve the quest. I have found 2 entrances behind piles of rocks - one can’t be lockpicked and the second says “you can’t use that right now.” Although typing this out makes me think maybe I just need to shrink myself down to get into the hideout. Gonna try that.

If anyone has resolved these and could give me a nudge towards the solution, I’d appreciate it!

Holy shit Lae’zel.

Gird your loins.


If I recall correctly from EA you may have to throw the note on the ground near the chest.


Think small thoughts. Wildshape a small animal if you have a druid, a dwarf halfling or gnome may fit. I think illusion/or disguise self could work too. Amusing how Disquise Self completely can completely defy the laws of mass.

Thanks! Sheesh for the first solution. For the second, I did (sort of) find a solution to my problem.

There’s a kid down by the beach (near the druid circle) who is enthralled by Harpies. If you save him (man, that was a battle, we were whiffing like there was no tomorrow), he gives you the code word to get in to the top entrance. So I got in, and talked to Mol, but no convo choice to get my stuff back. I did sneak/steal from a chest the two items I think they stole, but the quest didn’t update. Maybe I need to enter from the lower entrance to trigger the quest completion? not sure.

I could use tips here. He wiped my measly level 3 party like we were the noobs that we are.

I also wiped at the earlier stone entrance that leads down to a stone eagle guardian and some goblins. Though I did get past the guardian, the goblins were too much along with a warg and made mincemeat of the party.

So I made it to the Druid grove and there is a goblin I can rescue. It seems like I should be able to sneak them out without a fight but dames if I can figure out how. Any ideas? It looks like this has changed since EA

I have not tried this since EA, but can’t you unlock the cage and escort her through the back of the cave? May have to go through the prison.

Can you cast invisibility on them?

Free proficiency for using musical instruments if you help Alfira write her song. The game doesn’t come out and tell you, but if you pass 2 checks and keep her master’s lute, I think you gain the proficiency.

How does one heal Pandirna in Emeral Grove? I don’t have Lesser Resto on Shadowheart, apparently that was changed since EA?