Banned PETA super bowl ad

As linked in the banner above. It’s mildly sexy but not enough to give me an erection. However: it has bare breasts in it. Just briefly, but they’re there. How did they think that was going to air on US TV?

It’s PETA, they’re attention whores. They’ve gotten more free press from the ad not running than they ever would have if it was an ad that had just run.

Obama is prez now man. Anything goes.

Umm, this is PETA you are talking about. They are masters of doing the bizarre and objectionable in exchange for free publicity. I have to imagine they knew full well that such an ad would never air.

How did they think that was going to air on US TV?

They counted on it being denied, because PETA always gets more free press and eyeballs when that happens than if they’d spent the millions to actually air it.

PETA is so lame.

I saw the ad last night (though I didn’t notice the nudity).

The ad wasn’t banned because it was racy, it was banned because it was terminally stupid.

Are you sure? Nipples = fines.

I get a Pizza Hut banner ad.

The only ‘banned ad’ banner ad I’m seeing is for poll site

Edit: Ah. The poll is over whether or not the PETA ad is too hot. Gotcha.

Progressive Insurance for me.

We’ll be smoking pot and fucking in the streets by the end of the year!

That commercial is awesome and I hate anyone who complained.

There are no banned ads, just refused ads.

Heh, I actually like it. All I saw was sideboob though, so I don’t get the issue.

I saw more boobage when they played Britney Spear’s new music video on Entertainment Tonight, which IIRC is on NBC as well.

yeah, I see the Hut ad, so I cannot give my assessment.

Use extarbags link.

I would just like this opportunity to share that I love the word ‘sideboob’.

What are your feelings on ‘underboob’?

Yeah, awesome commercial if you fit into the SpikeTv demographic.