Bargain Thread 2013

There will be no bargains this year. Everything has been on sale already and a sense of entitlement has suffused our very DNA.

Or maybe there will. For example…

Yah, still no deals this year. This year is already suckin’.

And the first bargain of 2013 is…

Anna, Ridge Racer Unbounded, and Prototype 2 for the 2 a.m. Steam flash sale.

Not exactly an auspicious start, but better than nothing, I guess.

The $5 vouchers should now be active on Amazon downloads for anyone that earned them during the sales this fall and winter. Right now the pickings are a bit slim, with the best deals being Mass Effect 3 for $10 after coupon (or $15 for the Collector’s Edition, or $25 for the Trilogy), and $13 for Dark Souls. The Mass Effects unlock on Origin and Dark Souls on Steam. I just noticed The Secret World is also $13 after coupon as well. I think that’s the cheapest it has been, and you don’t need a subscription for it anymore.

The full list of qualifying games is here. Worth keeping an eye on all month since the vouchers will be good until Jan 31st and Amazon may do more sales and/or price match deals on Steam or elsewhere. Last year that lead to some free games after coupon.

I’ll probably grab Hotline Miami for $2.49. Still debating about whether to try out The Secret World.

…and I just bought TSW, since it looks like new registrations are still getting the ‘early adopter’ content as of now. Got the ‘Initiate Pack’ in my new account now, but I can’t confirm the Issue #5 content until after I download the client (15.4 GB… ouch) and create some characters.

So I just looked up my email promotional credits. I have three emails for $5 credit in the month of January from having gotten three different games. Does that mean I only get one $5 credit? Or does that mean I get $15 credit? Or does that mean I get $5 credit on three different games, if I buy three of them from that list? I forgot how it ended up working last year.

I paid $5 for it on steam - great little game. Not a ton of depth but if you like games like Super meat boy you’ll like it.

Last year it was 1 per game.

Yeah, they don’t stack, but if you got three emails you can get $5 off on 3 different games.

Dungeon Defenders - 2 Pack

$4.99 for 2 steam keys, presumably.

I think they have a single key version at $2.99.

You’re better off beating the average on the Humble Bundle because that includes all the DLC, which is extensive and even on steep discount currently weighs in at over $10, and the Amazon deal does not. (Plus of course the Humble Bundle includes a bunch of other great games.)

Are the “From Ashes” DLC and extra guns/skins worth the $5 premium of purchasing the Digital Deluxe edtion of ME3 over the vanilla edition?

I’d say the character introduced in From Ashes is pretty good, and he’s fully supported throughout the game with dialogue and such. And it’s more than $5 by itself and Mass Effect DLC never ever goes on sale, so.

I don’t think AGEOD’s 35% off sale can be on for much longer.

Definitely worth it. The From Ashes DLC adds another character to the party that you can have throughout the game, and he has extensive dialog and interactions with other characters throughout the game.

The latest bundle on Good Old Games is a collection of World War II games ($21.41)

Blitzkrieg Anthology
Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology
Commandos Ammo Pack
Commandos 2+3
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault War Chest
S2: Silent Storm Gold Edition
Sniper Elite: Berlin 1945
Panzer General 2
Panzer General 3D Assault

Welcome in 2013 soldiers! We have prepared a great collection of sims and strategies set between years 1939 and 1945. Buy nine World War II Games for only $24.41 [sic] with a 75% discount.

Panzer General 2 is a turn-based strategy game which should appeal to history maniacs and grognards (that’s “wargame fanatics” to us regular folk) alike, but not only to them, since it’s one of the greatest and most memorable wargames of all time. Panzer General 3D: Assault is the first title of the series to include 3D graphics, which kind of made it look like an actual tabletop game. If you regret that you weren’t born a World War II general, get the Panzer General games now 75% off.

Commandos Ammo Pack contains the first game of the famous series of tactical WWII games: Behind Enemy Lines and its expansion: Beyond the Call of Duty. The series is not only known for excellent level design, intelligent AI, historical accuracy, and open-ended missions but also for being extreeeeeeeemely difficult. You will search for a walkthrough, unless you’ve finished extensive commando training. If you like the behind-enemy-lines sneaking and killing Nazis, you’ll probably get
Commandos 2+3 as well, especially since both titles are 75% off today.

Armchair generals will be extremely satisfied with Blitzkrieg Anthology and Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology–two feature-full RTS titles taking the realistic and historically accurate approach to the famous campaigns of World War II. Or if you like something less serious, but maybe even more challenging, try S2: Silent Storm Gold–a complex turn based strategy set in an alternative time-line, where the German Nazis excelled in technological advancement.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault War Chest takes you to the fronts of World War II and let’s you take part in some of the allied forces most crucial operations. The game became famous for creating a believable and suggestive image of battle conditions with a real infantry soldier in the role of the game’s hero. The War Chest edition includes the original campaign that will take you from German bases in Algiers, through the D-Day landing in Normandy, to the occupied France, and both Spearhead and Breakthrough expansions.

Thanks guys. I will pick up the $15 (after credit) Digital Deluxe version today then. ME3 was about the only thing in the list that I didn’t already own, was interested in AND met my price point qualifications. There are some others, like Walking Dead, in the list that I will wait and see if they go on sale during January so I can use a credit on them. I have 3 or 4 of the $5 credits.

Please add the two links from the first post in the 2012 thread that I was bashed for not including in my similar thread and passed over in favor of that thread for. :)

Amazon just price matched Steam on Max Payne 3, and you can also use one of your $5 EC credits that were given out over the last month and change. Throw it in your cart and if you’ve bought something from Amazon recently, it should be $10. Be careful if you want it on Steam or not, there is a PC Download option and a Steam option (Online Game Code). I think. Hard to tell.