Bargain Thread 2013

New Humble Store deals too, including Europa Universalis 4 for $20 and Half-minute Hero for $2.50

The client is indeed shit, I haven’t been able to use “online” mode in months (around the time my Blood Dragon save got corrupted). Now it just tells me network error every time I launch the client.

Which is why I haven’t bought AC4 yet. :(

Wow, what the heck. My PC must be blessed or something because I’ve never had problems with Uplay beyond having to create a BAT file to enter a cd key (yes, this is really dumb). I’ll have to stop recommending Ubi titles if this sort of thing is so widespread.

Yup. I can’t even buy a Ubi game through Steam because it still forces you to use the uPlay client.


I’ve played probably 3-5 Ubi titles this last 18 months or so (Heroes VI and expansion, Far Cry 3, stuff like that) and I haven’t had any problems with the Ubi client. I don’t have it installed unless I’m going to actually use it (unlike Steam, which is always there) but when I install, login, and download a game I’ve never had a problem, fwiw.

Steam today: ARMA II $2.59 -80%.
Entire franchise on sale -80%. It’s like free, but 20% more! QT3 ARMA II thread but maybe you want the ARMA III thread?

Steam weekend 1: Rage $4.99 -75%. QT3 thread Free to play this weekend.
Steam weekend 2: EU4 $19.99 -50%. Same price as amazon. QT3 thread

Works for me, besides Anno 2070 always downloading the same patch every time I ran it in the past, and Ubi forcing an unchangeable nickname of SHOP3452323121234blah on me. But I still don’t like it. :)

Rage is worth a $5er , at least till you get to the last 10% of the game and its crap ending area/level/conclusion.

Maybe I’ll re-download the Ubi store again tonight, Anno 2070 and Settlers 7 worked fine , it all went to crap due to Blood Dragon!!!

I really do want AC4, and don’t want to PS3 rent it, after the horrible performance of AC3 on the PS3.

Anyways sorry for the derail, back to DEALS.

Agreed on Rage. I wish more shooters had that boomerang thing.

It’s free this weekend. Why pay at all?

Rage sucked. It has totally predictable game-play. There are no suprises, you see everything coming a mile away. While ID’s tech has evolved since the days of Doom, their game design has not.

Rage sucks, but since it’s a free weekend you can actually just play the whole thing for free if you hate yourself.

I enjoyed Rage quite a bit (am I alone!?)! I really don’t have a thing against linear games though…they tend to keep me focused (and give me the chance to actually finish a game from my backlog haha).

Technically not a game but Marvin is free for a very limited time. It’s the only ebook reader I’ve liked since Stanza development was halted by Amazon.

For some reason I got Civ 5 BNW for free over at Amazon (-$14.99 promotion).

Something related to another long-forgotten purchase? X-COM maybe?

Sadly I’m in the same boat. Amazon dismantled that 2K page pretty soon after Bioshock’s release. So I figure we’ll have to get the discount by going through Amazon Customer Service.

This is really dumb.

You no longer need to do that.

Are UPlay games able to be activated on Steam?

Lol no. In fact, Uplay games you purchase on Steam will simply launch Uplay and operate through that when run!

Oh wait, you’re talking about the Bethedsda sale, not first-party Ubi games. Bethesda uses Steamworks for all their games, so it should work out OK. I don’t see any word about it on the game page, though. Buyer beware.