Bargain Thread 2014

Steam has Bound By Flame for $20 for the next couple of days. Worth it?

Not really. It’s kind of a low price title to start with. I’d say hang on for 7.50 or something.

That’s what I thought. Thanks.


The game had some interesting concepts but a number of things make it seem like a budget title sadly.

In many ways it feels a lot like their previous game, mars war logs, but with a bit more budget. I liked both games, but they had some glaring issues that kept them from being truly good games. Bound by flame less so than mars war logs, but mars felt more unique than Bound By Flame’s mostly typical fantasy setting.

Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 for $7.50 on GamersGate for another 17 hours. Steamworks.

Steam today: Monster Loves You! - $2.49 - (75% off).

Steam midweek #1: Thief (2014) - $10.19 - (66% off).
Steam midweek #2: Wargame Franchise - $29.99 - (40% off).
[indent]Franchise includes all 3 games, each sold separately: European Escalation, Airland Battle, Red Dragon.[/indent]

Steam weeklongs, a few random picks:
[li]Bionic Dues - $2.49 - (75% off).
[/li][li]Dominions 4 - $24.49 - (30% off).
[/li][li]Pride of Nations - $9.99 - (60% off).
[/li][li]Syder Arcade - $2.49 - (75% off).
[/li][li]Panzer Tactics HD - $9.99 - (50% off). Not Panzer Corps!
[/li][li]Nom Nom Galaxy - $9.99 - (50% off). Early Access.
[/li][li]CONSORTIUM - $9.99 - (50% off).

I’m back from a busy work/vacation week, plus playing with my OnePlus One and a recent nameless PC JRPG.

Wait, Pride of Nations is back on Steam? Huh, had bought that when Paradox published Ageod, then it disappeared when Matrix took over. I didn’t realize Matrix was putting back catalog stuff back in there.

BundleStars is releasing a new bundle everyday for five days in a row. The first one doesn’t look too terrible, the second one is adventure pack. (All redeemable on Steam, most have steam trading cards, so that will bring the cost down somewhat)

Inferno Bundle $3.99

Urban Trial Freestyle
Heavy Fire: Afghanistan
Orbital Gear
Jet Car Stunts
The Few
Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus
Speed Kills
Residue: Final Cut
Freedom Fall

Arctic Bundle $2.49

Syberia II
Still Life
Still Life 2
Scratches: Director’s Cut
Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals
Post Mortem

In that second bundle, you’ve got some very nice point and click adventure games. Still Life 1 is especially terrific, as is Scratches. The Still Life sequel (which isn’t really the same team as the first) is also good. The two Syberias are a no-brainer.

Yeah, Still Life is great. Post Mortem is the prequel to SL, it plays more like Myst but was pretty good too.

Also to the others who answered. :)

I loved Still Life, I remember them saying they were inspired by Se7en and it shows. Very anticlimactic ending though. For some reason people have major problems with the baking puzzle. For me it was the lockpicking puzzle. I avoided Still Life 2 for a couple years since I heard bad things, but I thought it was pretty enjoyable in the end.

Day 3 BundleStars bundle is up, Reboot 7.0. $1.99 (first 48 hours) nets Steam Keys for:

[li]Hydophobia Prophecy[/li][li]Cargo Commander[/li][li]Runespell : Overture[/li][li]Legendary[/li][li]Velvet Assassin[/li][li]Kung Fu Strike : Warrior’s Rise and Master Level DLC[/li][/ul]

Not a bad deal. All those games netted average reviews on Metacritic, and a couple like Runespell and Hydrophobia had some unique gameplay mechanics that made them interesting. Even Legendary, the stinker of the bunch, could be worth a playthrough at $0.33. =)

Velvet Assassin is fun.

Is enclave worth it for 94 cents?

It’s early Starbreeze - a little rough but already promising.

Hey, Armageddon Empires is at the pay what you want level of the weekly Humble Bundle. Snap it up!

What type of game is it? I couldn’t tell from the video.

It’s a deck-building, hex-based, turn-based strategy game set in the blasted hellscape of earth where aliens, robots, humans, and mutants square off in a battle to the death! Also see this Qt3 AAR.


Seems like a no brainer:
System Shock 2
Wizardry 6-8
7th Guest & 11th Hour
Bad Mojo
Shodaow Man
I have no Mouth and I must scream