Bargain Thread 2014

Prices are mostly pretty mediocre even subtracting the $5 credit I got from the last sales.

Crysis 3 is about the only one I would buy for $5, if I didn’t already have it.

The others are merely average in price. I probably won’t end up using this credit sadly.

Disappointing; I have 6 coupons to burn as well but the deals need to be good after spending $150 on games over Christmas already. Sim City for $10 or less I would jump on. Crysis 3 for $5, probably. The price on F1 2013 Classic is much higher than the Amazon sale price from the other week, even factoring in -$5! I guess we wait and see what else comes up over the next few weeks.

I hope I snag something from their January sale but all I bought was a bunch of CKII DLC (all like $0.60 each) and some other games all under $5. Any game I get from their January sale will truly be a bonus. I didn’t buy anything just for the coupon. I ended up with 10 coupons! :)

There should hopefully be some interesting deals as Tony works things out with the publishers. I seem to remember that some better deals came up later on in the month for previous years.

In case anyone missed $10 XCOM Enemy Within from Amazon, you can get it from GMG today for $11.25 after their 25% coupon: GMG25-0YUM5-VKMVU

I think the prices for the Amazon deals only switch over at 3am eastern, so we have to wait till then to see if these $5 coupons are gonna get us a good deal or not.

Hidden Steam special (maybe it’s the weekend special): Unity of Command $5.99 (70% off).
Red Turn DLC $2.99 (70% off). Black Turn DLC $9.99.

Yeah not impressed the editors choice at all, still as I bought from teh US store to save money anyways and didn’t realise I would get 2 x $5 it is a bonus, be nice to pick up something this month though.

First batch of stuff is up. Notable prices (before $5 off):

Bioshock Infinite: $9.99
X-Com Enemy Within: $14.99
Secret World: $11.99 (if only I had time for another MMO)
Crysis 3: $9.99
Dead Space 3: $9.99

Notably absent from any real discounts is all the EA stuff aside from Sim City/Cities of Tomorrow each at $19.99

Do remember that last year more stuff popped up as the month wore on, but some stuff also went out of stock. So if you see something appealing buy it when it pops up if it’s a good sale. (Disappointing that most of this stuff doesn’t represent a new price, even with the codes. I think Crysis 3 is the only thing that, with a code, is the best price so far.)

Really disappointed that X-Com: The Bureau with code is like $10 more than it’s currently selling at GMG with their voucher.

Seems $5 off codes aren’t working yet.

Gonna get Foul Play for $3.50

Yeah I was going to Snag Bioshock Infinite for a fiver and the code wasn’t working.

Disappointing list thus far on the Amazon Editor’s Choice sale. The Editors should be flogged.

Many games in the promotion aren’t discounted AT ALL from full retail, despite being heavily discounted all December long during the holiday sales. I’m going to assume it’s a mistake, and that Amazon will correct pricing on a lot of stuff soon. Notable deals (if the credits are working yet) include Bioshock Infinite for $5 after credit (probably a pricing error), Crysis 3 for $5 (also seems likely to be in error) and XCOM Enemy Within for $10 (which would be same as the winter sale).

Last year new games were added as the month went on (promotion goes through all of January), so hopefully we’ll see obvious 2013 “Editor’s Choice” candidates like Rome 2 Total War, Dishonored, Skulls of the Shogun, Fallen Enchantress Legendary Ed, Tomb Raider, Metro Last Light and of course Farming Simulator 2013. OK, maybe not that last one…

How exactly does the promotional credit work. Should it show up at checkout or do you get a code to use? I got two emails but cannot see the credit or any codes to use?

It is supposed to automatically apply itself in your cart when you purchase an eligible game from the list. However, reports are that the codes are not working yet, despite the email and promotion page saying the sale starts today.

You only see them when you check out from what I remember. The only way you know how many you have is the e-mails. So far they don’t seem to be working.

As far as the prices - just wait. I’m sure there will be sales on some of them that last a few days. they don’t throw everything at the cheapest price day 1, they vary the prices over the month.

I just grabbed Crysis 3 and one of my codes automatically applied. It was the Digital DL version.

Green Man Gaming’s prices are INSANE!!

Can someone in this thread give me a quick rundown of what Borderlands 2 is like? I do n0t really play online, but do like traditional FPS games with plenty of killing and picking up weapons (like the Doom series). I’ve tried to determine if the Borderlands games match my interests. Thanks!

I don’t play multiplayer either, but thought this was worthwhile for single player. It plays fairly fast-paced, at least by my standards. Your character levels and gets more powerful. Each class has a special ability to use (or was it abilities - I can’t remember). Some different weapon types. You find a lot of loot, but a lot of it is of the ‘oh boy I do 2% extra damage’. There is some humor to the game. I got a lot of milage out of the game - Steam says 94 hours, but I imaging at least 10-20 of that is from the game being paused. There is a lot of content I didn’t even finish yet. I started getting a little bored, so I shelved it for the time being. It is good enough so I think I will get back to it at some point.

Consider grabbing Tiny Tina’s DLC too if you think you’ll like Borderlands 2. Also 75% off.

Don’t think of it like a MMO! (Avoid if you hate most MMO-style gameplay though)

Secret World is a very interesting single player game. It becomes a grindy MMO later… but the early stuff is unique enough that it’s easily worth $7.

Tom had a bunch of articles on the front page about it recently:

Hmmm, they corrected the Bioshock Infinite price. It’s up to $29.99 now. Nothing jumps out, so I’ll wait and see what other stuff gets added (if any).

2K sale pricesa re supposed to kick in tomorrow according to random cag posts.