Bargain Thread 2014

Here’s a full list.

Is Tokyo Jungle worth playing? I assume $.99 is not too much to pay, but is it worth my time when I’ve got a big backlog of PS+ games to still play?

It looks pretty amazing and strange.

It was much beloved around here, and for .99 you bet I’m buying.

These are all PS3 games, it seems. No more PS3 for me. There’s four or so Vita games. Does anyone recommend any of these for the Vita?

Everyday Shooter (hated it on the PC, btw)
RetroCity Rampage
Urban Trial Freestyle
When Vikings Attack

Urban Trial Freestyle is a pretty passable Trials HD clone and RetroCity Rampage is cute and has some funny stuff. I’d say both are easily worth a buck.

That one has a vita demo. Some people like it. I didn’t, but I might’ve had a different opinion if I was a gamer in the NES days.

Steam today: Tropico 4 - $2.99 - (85% off). QT3 thread, QT3 game diaries.

Also, all the myriad DLC for $3 more.

I noticed that Gamersgate had T4 for 80% off earlier today, so Steam must be one-upping them.

I’ve been thinking of buying Tropico 3 or Tropico 4 lately (ever since the ‘if not Banished, then what?’ thread). I’ve read a number of comments on the interwebs that describe Tropico 4 as almost identical to T3, plus more stuff. I’ve also heard some complaints that one or both games are a bit too easy, but I’m not clear on whether the difficulty varies between 3 and 4.

Are there are any contrary opinions? Any reason I shouldn’t just go for Tropico 4?
Thanks in advance to the hive mind.

Hivemind agrees with the internet on Tropico 3/4, while speculating on 5..

Monday bundle. 3.5$, but only 2$ if you buy it today:

[ul][li]Crystal Towers 2[]Legend of Aetherus[]Love[]Kaptain Brawe[]Scourge Outbreak[*]Shad’O[/ul]
[/li]I enjoyed Kaptain Brawe & Scourge enough to recommend them for 50 cents each (didn’t finish either), but there’s much better games out there if you have a backlog. Bonus points for Scourge if you really enjoyed Binary Domain/Gears and want more games like them.

Steam today: Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars - $5.09 - (66% off). MMORPG.

Steam weekly random highlight:
Jagged Alliance 2 Gold - $4.99 - (75% off). This is the correct one on sale.
Avernum 4/5/6 - $2.39 - (80% off).
Two Worlds Epic Edition - $1.99 - (80% off).
DARK - $9.99 - (75% off).
Thomas was alone - $4.99 - (50% off).
Gorky 17 / Odium - $0.99 - (80% off).
AVSEQ - $0.99 - (50% off).
Descent - $3.49 - (50% off). Let’s party like it’s 1995.
Hearts of Iron 2 Complete - $7.49 - (50% off).
Grimind - $4.99 - (50% off).
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken - $2.49 - (75% off).

Whooooa, when did Steam get Hostile Waters and how the hell did I miss that? LOVE that freaking game.

GOG had it a while back (it’s still in my library) but they had to pull it for some reason.

Yeah, I have it on GoG thankfully, but I’m thrilled to see it on Steam in the hopes that more folks will discover it. Such a wonderful game.

Any good deals on Watch Dogs (PC)?

I know DLGamer have a sale on Watch Dogs coming up after their Dark Souls 2 deal finishes in a day and a bit.

Here’s one. Full price, but you get a $25 gift card…from Dell.

Any good?