Bargain Thread 2015

So a dampish squib of a Christmas Steam sale leads us into a New Year…

Yay! Marking the thread so I don’t miss any deals.

That was actually the first Steam sale… ever, I think, where I didn’t buy anything.

I am going to post something in this thread.

I bought 1 DLC (Going East for Euro Truck Sim 2), and I only bought that because I sold all the holiday sale cards I got from voting so it cost me something like 12 cents. Pretty underwhelming sale.

I’m really disappointed that the Xbox Year End countdown sale didn’t include Minecraft Xbox One Edition.

We await with bated breath!

I’m not.

I’m amazed it is 2015. When my daughter went to kindergarten the year of her graduation (and my going to the poor house) seemed sooo far away. And here it is. I’ll really need the bargain thread this year as she has been accepted to two of the three colleges she applied to (and the other one will let her know this month) but we don’t qualify for need-based scholarships. =)

My eldest son is a junior, I understand completely where you are coming from. There is a gap In the US where the middle class is hurting for school funds. I can’t afford to pay for my son’s school, it would take half of my income. According the formula they use that’s what I am supposed to pay.
Anyway, sorry to Digress. These are my favorite thread on this board.

For those pf you who couldn’t spend enough in the Steam sale, the Gamers Gate sale continues until 12th January. Nothing outstanding yet, but some good prices on oldies if you sort by highest discount.

Total digression, but, out of curiosity, how much (and when) did you start saving for college? My kids are in third grade and kindergarten, respectively, and I’ve been saving for them since they were born – and am still freaking out about whether we’ll have enough saved up. Bargain thread ho!

cough cough. . . . . . . splat.
Ahem, back to my se.lf-appointed sale reporting. Because we all know Steam nee.ds a hand their words out.

Steam today: Black Forest Games Collection - $9.99 - 75% off.
[indent]Includes these titles: Giana Sisters (plus soundtrack plus Rise of the Owlverlord), Airline Tycoon Deluxe, DieselStormers, Helldorado. Gotta love how they name their games.[/indent]

Steam weekend #1: Carpe Fulgur Collection - $9.99 - 80% off.
[indent]Includes these 3 titles: Recettear (Capitalism ho!), Fortune Summoners, Chantalise.[/indent]

Steam weekend #2: Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes - $9.99 - 75% off.
[indent]DLCs are all 50% off.[/indent]

Steam weekend deals:
Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes for $10
Carpe Fulgur collection for $10

Daily Deal:
Black Forest Games bundle for $10. Includes Airline Tycoon, Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams and DLC, Helldorado, and their early access game DieselStormers. Individual elements are also variously discounted, although if you want DieselStormers you might as well buy the bundle because you’re only saving 50 cents.

This bundle is amazing, includes a bunch of awesome old games that have hit Steam lately:

Classic Pirates!, B-17, Command HQ and more.

B-17 Flying Fortress: the Mighty 8th was one of my faves back around 2001.

You can’t go back :(

Battlefield 4 for $4.99 at Gamestop. Download only, probably activates on Origin.

I’ll probably have to pick that up for Command HQ. Everything else would be gravy since I have most of it on GOG.

Yeah, CHQ is definitely worth the price of admission.