Bargain Thread 2015


I picked up The Walking Dead Pack on the Gamersgate sale for $10 (80% off). Seemed like a good deal.

edit also:

Gamersgate also lets you sort by top sellers, which is a pretty good way to separate some of the wheat from the chaff.


I mentioned this in the GOG thread, but worth noting here too:

[B]GOG Summer Sale starts now![/B]

SimCity 2000 - free for everyone who spends at least $1.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky - free for everyone who spends at least $20.
Xenonauts - free for everyone who spends at least $50.



All the summer sales are actually starting before summer!


I need the steam sale so I can figure out if the stuff is on my backlog already or not.


New 2$ bundle.

Adventure games:
[indent]Lost Chronicles of Zerzura [/indent]

Hidden object games:
[indent]Alex Hunter - Lord of the Mind
Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome
Elementary My Dear Majesty
Hidden Object Bundle 5 in 1 [/indent]

Stuff you’ll probably never play:
[indent]Governor of Poker 2
Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens
Puzzle Station 15th Anniversary
Royal Defense [/indent]


9 days until Steam sale begins. Have you clean up / stock up your wishlist yet?

Steam today: Space Run - $3.74 - 75%.

Nothing in particular: ARK: Survival Evolved - $24.89 - 17% off. Early access
[indent]Why is this game #1 top seller today (day of its release)? Has anyone here heard of it?[/indent]

Public Service: Congratulations to garin for his Kickstarter for Monster’s Den: Godfall making funding goal. Now let’s help push it past all of the stretch goals, 'cos if he’s not busy he’ll start bugging us on J2EE questions. We don’t want that. QT3 thread here.


Huge push on Youtube and other video/streaming people the past couple of days.


Checking my wishlist, I’m wondering why I added Raven’s Cry. 27/100 score. Did someone here recommend it?


I really liked Space Run, I give it a thumbs up!


Freedom’s Cry is pretty much identical to the main game. I believe Rogue moves some of the action into icier climes.


Not me. Let’s check out the page…nice picture of a great facsimile of a Disney Pirate…$55…an entire wall of thumbs down reviews. Neat.

I just bought 2 or 3 things from my wishlist last week; it’s down to a mere 27 games. Yay.

Meanwhile has added to its sale items. Next update in 12 hours. Some highlights:
Legend of Grimrock 1: $2.29; … 2: $5.99.
Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers 20th anniversary: $7.00; … 1/2/3 $1.49 each.
Desktop Dungeons Enhanced: $5.09
Sept…never mind.
Mutant Blobs Attack: $1.99
Bastion: $3.79
…and more


It is hilarious…ly awful.


Speaking of games that might be on sale soon, how is War for the Overworld? When it was released, a lot of people said it was unfinished. TotalBiscut did a review of it and pretty much said do not buy it. Anyway, the developers said they were going to finish it with the funding the got. So how has it turned out? Did the developers actually finish it yet?


Eh, it’s still clunky and not much fun. Dungeons 2 is a much smoother experience and actually feels like a game.


Legends of Grimrick 2 is only $5.99 in GOG’s summer sale.



8 days until Steam sale. Still time to take a game from the backlog and “finish” it.

Steam today: Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered - $4.99 - 50%.

Steam weekend #1: Fallout Franchise Sale!
[li]$4.99 for each base game: Fallout 1 / 2 / Tactics / 3 / New Vegas.
[/li][li]$11.99 for Ultimate editions of each game: Fallout 3 / New Vegas.
[/li][li]$59.99 for pre-order of Fallout 4.
Steam weekend #2: Football Spreadsheet Manager 2015 - $16.99 - 66% off. Free weekend!
[indent]Now with Material Design.[/indent]

Steam weekend #3: Life if Feudal - $23.99 - 40% off. Early access.

Steam new release of the week (3-times-the-charm-edition): You Must Build A Boat - $3.34 - 33% off.
[indent]Sequel to 1000000000000000000000000000000. Or wait for the steam sale when it goes back up to regular price cries.[/indent]

GOG put more games on sale:
[li]Y’s I / II / Origins / Oath in Felghana - $14.97
[/li][li]4 City Builders (Caesar 3 / Zeus + Poseidon / Pharaoh + Cleopatra / Children of the Nile) - $7.16
[/li][li]Deponia trilogy - $8.97
[/li][li]Divinity Original Sin - $26.79
[/li][li]FTL - $2.49
[/li][li]Avernum 2 Crystal Souls - $9.99
[/li][li]…and a bunch more


Slitherine Humble Bundle incoming apparently, not up yet though.

What have the Middle Ages, the Second World War, Ancient Rome and Hellish demons got in common?

Probably nothing, apart from the fact they are the settings of our games in the Weekly Humble Bundle!

Starting today a huge list of Slitherine/Matrix games will be available through the Humble section.

You can name your price for Conquest! Medieval Realms, Frontline: Road to Moscow,Battle Academy, andRise of Prussia Gold.

If you wish, you can pay $6 or more to receive Qvadriga and Hell as well.

And last but not least, for only $10 or more you will receive all of the above plus Close Combat: Gateway to Caen, the latest release in the critically-acclaimed Close Combat series!!


OMG SO SOLD. That is an AMAZING bundle.


Pretty ballsy of Steam to charge 12 bucks each for the GotY/Ultimate recent Fallouts when they’ve had them for 7.50 before or maybe even 5.


Fallout 4 hype. It will work. There will be people willing to pay.