Bargain Thread 2017


That’s what you think. The space ninja is an insidious, contagious mind-worm, and next time there’s a ME3 discussion you’ll be the one to bring him up.


Fanatical Star Deals Week deal for today is Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition for $4.99 (75%).

Homefront is FREE for 48 hours in the Humble Store. Comes with a 10% off Humble Monthly coupon for new subscribers. If you do subscribe, ask a friend for a referral link so they can get some Humble Store credit for your signup. If you need a friend, I’m here for you. ;-)

Humble Store is also having a Deep Silver Publisher Sale with good deals on many titles, especially if you are a Humble Monthly subscriber and get the extra 10% off.

Steam has a Bohemia Interactive Developer Sale all weekend. Up to 80% off a metric crapton of ARMA stuff, a handful of other games, and 20% off Ylands ($12.00), which apparently released yesterday and looks very interesting in a Minecrafty sort of way.

Also on Steam, Absolver is $14.99 (50%). Absolver is a multiplayer online melee game, not a new fangled workout device for your problem abdominal area.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is FREE to play all weekend again, this time you can purchase for $14.99 (70%).

Steam is also running a sale on the Steam Awards Finalists. A couple of pretty good deals in the mix, including:


Just a quick note that the 10% off coupon does NOT work with Homefront as 10 percent of nothing is still nothing.


They’re not paying me for taking the free key? Well, I never!


You’d be better off paying $7.50 for Homefront Revolution than investing time in the first game.


Way ahead of you–bought that in one sale or other last spring, I think. :-)


Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. And you got to have something, if you want to be with me.


Deep cut!


Why I <3 Qt3


I played Virginia, and it was a really pleasant experience. Not a game per se. They site Brendon Chung as an inspiration and you sure can tell. I loved the camera wobbling in this game: it added so much to its cinematography.
And to answer your concern, it doesn’t take more time than a movie from start to finish!


Fanatical Star Deals continue, today’s deal is Lords of the Fallen : GOTY Edition for $4.49 (85%).

Indie Deal of the Day at GreenManGaming is Sins of a Solar Empire : Rebellion for $7.20 (82%).


Apparently this is still iive.

I ordered this last night for Toys for Tots and then fell asleep thinking it was over.


Taken from SlickDeals:

Target: Buy 2 Ubisoft Video Games, get $50 Target Gift Card

DEAL STARTS Midnight PST tonight/tomorrow

Free $50 Gift Card with purchase of two select Ubisoft Titles (includes full game downloads too)

Titles Listed:
Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Just Dance 2018
Assassin’s Creed Origins
South Park: Fractured But Whole
*May be for other systems but only these four are listed

Store: Target


Just elapsed. I saw it, clicked away, and then it was gone. Oh well.


Spend $50, save $10, spend $100, save $25

on toys & games.* No promo code required.


Wilton is not a top brand, but it’s actually pretty good, and it’s a nice little package for those who like to decorate.


Not as good as BF or even a plus but for any new devices out there, not a terrible price either.


Fanatical has procedurally-generated sailing adventure game Windward as the Star Deal today for $1.99 (80%).

Fanatical is also having a Winter Sale with many discounted titles. Save an extra 10% with code WINTER10.

  • Sexy Brutale is $8.99 before code
  • Lords of the Fallen GOTY is $5.99 before code
  • The X Collection is $17.99 before code
  • Endless Space 2 is $19.19 before code
  • and many more

IndieGala has a new 12 Days of Indie Bundle live. $2.99 for 12 Indie Steam games and 10 GalaGold.

Steam features 351 Weeklong Deals this week.


I saw that Sword Coast Legends has dropped to under 5.00 in steam. I know the reviews are mixed, but how would it compare to an older game, such as Icewind Dale? I don’t mind light on story if the combat is fun and character creation is deep.


Windward is really fun and adorable, definitely worth two bucks.