Bargain Thread 2018


Thanks-- I don’t have an Xbox One but I’ll check the list of available titles (though I think that I’ll probably have a lot of them already).


I thought of ‘renting’ FH4 by paying one month of Game Pass and playing it in that month…


Just got my daily IndieGala email about the Friday bundle, and I think I may buy it just so I can check out this gem:



Free DRM free games for people without humble monthly:

Alan Wake American Nightmare
Uurnog (Nifflas)
Fortune 499
Tiny Echo
Cat Girl without Salad (Wayforward)
Crescent Bay

They aren’t added to your account. Have to download before 16th.


For those that bought the great puzzle game Glass Masquerade last sale, they released a DLC today: Inceptions Puzzle Pack. Currently 25% off ($1.71 CDN). Bought.


Awesome, thanks for the tip!


Thanks for the heads-up, Equisilus.


Fanatical is having a Bundle Blast Promotion all week this week. They’re launching 30 bundles across the entire week. Some are simply re-issues of bundles from the past, like the Shadow of Mordor Bundle that includes all the DLC for only $3.99. Others will be brand new, including both 6 game ($4.99) and 3 game ($2.99) Mystery Bundles.

Meanwhile, over on Steam, there are over 700 Weeklong Deals including:




Does Fanatical truly randomize what’s in the mystery bundles? That almost sounds like it could run afoul of loot-box style gambling legislation.


It’s not gambling if you can’t win!

That Infinity bundle is pretty sweet.
On the steam front, I’ll keep resisting warbanners’ call.


Supposedly it’s semi-randomized, with a set pool of titles to pull from and some assurance that you will receive at least one “AAA” title. Buyer beware though, Fanatical’s definition of “AAA” is very loose. I posted this deal to another forum and a user there purchased the $5 bundle and received:

  • LEGO Ninjago Movie Game (apparently the “AAA” title of the bunch)
  • Party Hard Tycoon
  • Farabel
  • Wrack
  • Alien Spidy
  • and PewDiePie’s Legend of the Brofist

Now granted, LEGO Ninjago has a historic low of $9.99, so that’s essentially 50% off the historic low for that game, and Farabel is a pretty interesting TBS mobile port which usually sells for $9.99, so there is value in the bundle. Like any Mystery deal, it’s a crapshoot, and the more games you already own, the more likely you are to feel let down.

Since you definitely receive titles worth far more (retail) than the $5 you pay, even if they’re titles you don’t particularly want, I think it steers clear of the lootbox laws.


Yeah if you’re buying something without knowing exactly what you’re getting for your money, then it’s gambling (apparently).


Ancient Frontier is half off on Steam. Looks like AoW3 in space. Is it worth a buy?

Am curious if you can save and exit whenever and there have been some complaints about stability.


That does look like interesting game. I too want to know more about it.


Two things to note about Ancient Frontiers.

(1) The save system writes to your registry or at least used to do so unless they fixed this. This is a head-scratching decision because read/writing to the reg can corrupt the entire thing and crash a PC. This alone has steered me away from purchasing it.

(2) They have a sequel called Ancient Frontiers: Steel Shadow coming out in the next 3 months. I do not know if it will contain the base game content or what differences there are between the two products.


Ancient Frontier is okay.


Okay? That doesn’t fill me confidence.


I played it, but i barely remember it. It’s not bad, it’s just meh, but credit to the devs, they’ve added free DLC and keeps updating it.


Brian, was it the writing that turned you off? I ask because you recommended it on Steam. “this is a pretty decent tactical combat and fleet management game with multiple campaigns and some great tactical options.”

Pretty decent is hardly a ringing endorsement I grant you.

The save to registry bit is concerning. Did that get fixed? It would appear not which is a hard “no” for me.