Bargain Thread 2018


That should be a box quote.


This is when a demo would really come in handy, so I can figure out if it’s just a train wreck on Xbox. Damn I miss demos!


Yakuza 0 is the featured game today on for $16.75.


Just saw it comes with a paper map and soundtrack CD (and just read it’s the same guy who did the Planescape soundtrack!).


Well that tears it, I’m a sucker for a map.


This might well be my Game of the Year, so far, in a year filled to the brim with Games of the Year. Seriously, 2018 has been awesome so far.


Don’t tear the map!


XCOM 2 base game is $12.99 at Fanatical, while supplies last.


Zelda Ocarina of Time (64 virt console) is 2$ on the Wii U shop.

NA, if this has different regions. Canada has a sale on the machine at EBGames if anyone else was interested in one - 135$. Got it and two 25$ games for our dusty old X1. They also have a Xbox X for 300$ promo if you trade in X1 or a PS4.


The Crew 2 , is 51% off @ GMG. From what I gathered from Tom’s streams and online comments, its not a great game.


Heh, every time I see that game, Tom’s opinion is the first thing that comes to mind which is weird because I don’t agree with a lot of his opinions on games.


War of the Chosen $17 @ GMG.

Seems like it took forever to break that 50% off price barrier.


I take it seriously because he was such a fan of the first one, personally.




I take most of what Tom says seriously which can get me in trouble actually, but sometimes I just don’t always agree. This review though, grossly oversimplified, kind of read like look at what they did, just look at what they did. They ruined it! So it returns to me easily when i see that title.


What the heck is up with the isthereanydeal site? I tried going there to see if there were any deals on AC Origins DLC, and not only do the DLCs not turn up, but the base game doesn’t either. I thought they followed pretty much all game prices.


It’s all there, as far as I can tell. Examples:


Also purchased. Looks like this is a good time to finally try out Xcom 2.


Check your spelling, and make sure you didn’t type in “Orgins” or something similar.

Don’s use the possessive apostrophe in “Assassin’s”. Lots of search engines in 2018 still stumble on that, for whatever reason. Like, we can put a man on the moon in 1969, but standard text search engines still go aflutter over apostrophes.

When I look for a price on a game in this series, I usually go with just “Creed Origins” or “Creed Odyssey” or something like it.


And god help you if it involves an ampersand. That and Japanese characters were the downfall of the systems I work on this week.