Bargain Thread 2018


Cite please?


Steamspy and number of reviews on steam are good indicators. Price analysis is my own observation over time compared to DOTT.


I just meant your assessment of Full Throttle as a classic. It seems to me that Full Throttle was much more well-received and better considered at time of release than was Grim Fandango, which seemed to find greater critical and consumer plaudits later.


Oh. That’s just my personal assessment thrown in the mix :) I consider DOTT the greatest adventure game made, and Grim’s style and epic feel was amazing. FT was… kinda cool? Very short, with very few puzzles.

The FT remaster is also lacking: some of the hi-res art looks great, while other parts look like they’re just a hi-res filter of the original art. It’s pretty clear they were running low on Disney funds while doing the remaster for them.


Subnautica is currently free on the Epic Games Store!


Wow, not only is this yet another client to merely download and launch games: it is one that doesn’t work on a OS X 10.11 (It’s 3 years old, who still uses that?!). Nice going, Epic.


Well, Apple…


Fanatical kicks off it’s 12 Deals of Christmas today with Soul Calibur VI for $38.39 (36%) Surprisingly, it seems to qualify for the FANATICAL10 discount code, dropping the price to $34.55 (43%)

Also just added, the Galactic Civilizations III Gold Bundle. $12.49 (85%) gets you GalCiv III and 8 DLC. The Crusade expansion is NOT included.

Over at GreenManGaming the Mix’N’Match Special has been updated with more titles. Choose 5 Games for $5 total. Games now include:

  • Evil Genius
  • Sniper Elite III
  • Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes
  • LEGO Batman : The Videogame
  • Killing Floor
  • Next Up Hero
  • as well as the others previously included in the sale

The cart trick still seems to be in effect, meaning you can essentially purchase one game for $1, two for $2, etc…

More mystery game loot gambling! GreenManGaming is offering free games with the purchase of GMG Gift Cards.
Purchase a $10 credit and receive 5 free game keys
$20 credit nets you 10 game keys
$30 nets you 15 game keys
$40 nets you 20 game keys
$50 nets you 25 game keys (that’s a whole lot of Bad Rats!)

I suppose if you know you’re going to spend money on GMG eventually anyway, it’s a no-brainer.

Steam has Elite Dangerous : Commander Deluxe Edition for $14.39 (76%) through the 20th. Commander Deluxe Edition includes the Horizons Season Pass and the Commander Pack of ship re-skins.


How dare they give away free stuff. The nerve.


Unfortunately, for me at least, I get a "required quantity not reached " message when trying to complete checkout.


Doh. Looks like they fixed it. Ah well. 5 for $5 is still a great deal, even if you’re only interested in a couple of the titles and give the others away.




Is it good?


I’ve played Evolution with my local game group several times, we greatly enjoyed it. I will say that the expansion is really good, though, you might be happier with that rather than just the base game.


would not be surprised to see it turn into a f2p experiment soon, with the original buyers being retconned as “Founders Editions” or such


Sniper Ghost Warrior Trilogy is $1.


This is the trilogy that ends with Ghost Warrior 2 and excludes Ghost Warrior 3… An original take on naming there :/


Yep, I played and finished them all. And am about half way thru Ghost Warrior 3, which is an ok game, but didn’t need to be open world.


Sorry for dark pic, my box thrones are up!


Yes. It’s the kid version though. It’s a good introduction for younger players. It removes some of the more complex options while leaving the bulk of the game in it.