Bargain Thread 2019

I’ll recommend this game for anyone who thinks they’d like a very casual RPG experience with some hidden object-type gameplay. It’s quite unique and really relaxing, although the world and story are nothing to write home about.

Civ 6 Gathering Storm is $19.99 on Prime Day today. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen it yet. Steam key.

I agree. I played a decent amount of the first game. It’s an unusual combination of genres, almost like something that would come up from a game jam where you randomly mash two genres together and then have to build a game.

Hidden object + RPG, now go build a game!

For the price of, um, well, maybe a chocolate bar, that’s a pretty good sell for me. Casual RPG+HO gaming is perfect.

I think you’ll like it!

Fanatical Star Deal today is Monster Hunter : World for a historic low $26.99 (55%).

Fanatical also has a CAPCOM Buy More, Save More sale. Lots of titles on sale at up to 75% off, with an additional discount applied for each title you add to your cart.

Humble very positive bundle 3:

Any of those worth $0?

I think someone here liked Unexplored. Maybe it was @Left_Empty ?

I won’t say Nex Machina is Housemarque’s best game, but it is a Housemarque game and lives up to the standard they’ve set forth with their other shooters (Super Stardust, Resogun).

I enjoyed unexplored a lot.

Unexplored really is quite excellent. There’s even a mod out for it that makes it behave like Superhot which surprisingly doesn’t make the game super easy like you think it might.

The Rusty Lake games are great. Unexplored should be really good but I hated it, in significant part to the real-time gameplay. I hadn’t seen the Superhot mod, maybe I’d enjoy it more with that.

It does have a killer synthwave OST.

Yeah that soundtrack is amazing. Haven’t been able to play Nex Machina because I owned a potato.
I could play Unexplored a bit and enjoyed it as Komrad Kosc remembers, but it really is an action oriented game, and is better played with mouse and keyboard (I grabbed the Switch version, hoping to be able to enjoy it again, but it is a pretty lame and straight port, complete with unreadable fonts and poor controls, sadly).

Paradox Interactive Publisher’s Sale going on at Fanatical. If you have a 10% off code from a previous Fanatical purchase it should be good on most of the titles in this sale, which include:

  • Pillars of Eternity : Definitive Edition - $14.39
  • Cities : Skylines - $6.89 and lots of DLC 50% off
  • Stellaris - $9.19 and lots of DLC 25-52% off
  • Lots of CK2 and EU4 DLC for 50% off or more

Fanatical also has the Mystery Gold Rush Bundle, which is another one of those blind purchase gambling bundles. This time they pinky swear that if you buy the 10 game bundle at $9.99 the 10th game will be a “diamond” level game, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. As usual, buyer beware, here’s the Reddit thread detailing what people have received.

GreenManGaming has kicked off a rather complicated Summer Sale. Basically they’ve sorted deals into Gold, Silver and Bronze categories. If you purchase a game on sale you’ll receive up to 5 free games and a discount code based on which tier of game you bought on sale.

Gold Tier games on sale include:

  • Monster Hunter World - $30 (50%)
  • No Man’s Sky - $30 (50%)
  • Warhammer Vermintide 2 - $10.20 (66%)
  • Frost Punk - $15.00 (50%)
  • BattleTech - $13.60 (66%)
  • Shadows : Awakening - $16.00 (60%)
  • and more (click the View All box)

Silver Deals include:

  • Borderlands Handsome Collection - $6.00 (90%)
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration Ed. - $12.00 (80%)
  • Moonlighter - $10.00 (50%)
  • TableTop Simulator - $10.00 (50%)
  • Strange Brigade - $15.00 (70%)
  • Surviving Mars - $10.20 (66%)
  • Kerbal Space Program - $10.00 (75%)
  • and more (Click the View All box)

Bronze Deals include:

  • Everspace - $6.00 (80%)
  • Staxel - $13.39 (33%)
  • Just Cause 3 XXL - $6.00 (80%)
  • DLC for Surviving Mars at 25% off
  • DLC for Shadows : Awakening at 50% off
  • DLC for Northgard at 33% off
  • and more (Click the View All box)

Between the discounts and the freebies there are actually some really nice deals to be had if you take the time to sort through everything and manage your purchase properly. The Intel Starter Pack that comes with any Gold or Silver purchase contains games like Star Trek Bridge Crew, Gas Guzzlers Extreme and Raw Data.

GOG has a pretty good Midweek Sale on all shooty things.

Speaking of that GMG sale, I was wondering whether they support buying more than one key for the same game. I’ve had my eye on Strange Brigade as maybe something I could play with my 13 year-old nephew (since the single player is supposedly no great shakes).

Tempted to grab SWAT 3!

However, 1) does it even run on Windows 10?, 2) Will I sit and wonder how I put up with those dated graphics, 3) Do I have the patience to re-learn arguably one of the worst control schemes in a first-person game ever?

Maybe the game is best left as a fond memory and I should stick to SWAT 4.