Bargain Thread 2019




Oh! I remember the ads for those in the back pages of Computer Gaming World all those years ago!


Just beware that the latest patch introduced major balance issues when they switched from RNG weapons (like in Homeworld 2) to ballistic weapons (like in Homeworld 1). There’s a fan patch, but I forgot the name of it. You can find it on Steam.


Can you elaborate on these balance issues at all? Do they make the game too easy? Too hard? Does this warning only apply to multiplayer, or also single player? Presumably just to Homeworld 2, since HW1 had those kinds of weapons already? Thanks.

EDIT: Oh, the $5 deal is over…,maybe next time.


The balance “issues” are that the developer made zero effort to do any balancing whatsoever. It’s all out of whack. It has nothing to do with difficulty.

The remastered HW1 ships also used RNG for everything when HWRM was initially released, so they needed to be fixed too.

The change to ballistic calculations was a late one (e.g. post release). By that time the game was kind of dead and Gearbox for better or worse moved on to other titles.

It’s now up to modders to carry the torch.


Thanks. Maybe not worth the $5 even, then. Too bad, I loved the first game and Cataclysm way back when.


With the right mods the game might not be so bad. There are several large mods IIRC.


Injustice 2 : Legendary Edition is the Fanatical Star Deal today at $17.99 (70%).

Feel like waging some Space Waaagh!? Fanatical has you covered with the Warhammer 40K Armageddon Bundle. $9.99 for everything Armageddon. It’s the same as the $60 Imperium Complete Bundle on Steam, with the base game, soundtrack and all five of the DLCs. Deal!

If you prefer terrestrial waaagh war, Fanatical has two bundles that may interest you:
The Panzer Corps Bundle has 4 Tiers, from $2.99 for the base game and '39 Campaign DLC up to $14.99 to own 15 of the 17 DLC (Allied Corps and Soviet Corps not included in any tiers).
The Battle Academy Complete Bundle has two tiers. $1.99 for Battle Academy and all of it’s DLC, or $4.99 to add Battle Academy 2 : Eastern Front and its single DLC (Kursk).


It’s the best “walking simulator” I’ve ever played, so it’s worth the time to play it.


My current tower defense addiction is half off @ Humble Store.

$4.49 (for humble monthly subscribers).

And this is also on sale for under $2, and in glorious pixley 2D!


Fanatical Star Deal today is Cyberdimension Neptunia : 4 Goddesses Online for $4.99 (88%).

Fanatical also has a new Deception Bundle live. $2.99 for 8 games I’ve mostly never heard of:

  • The Long Reach
  • Mainlining
  • E.T. Armies
  • Coffin Dodgers
  • The Rivers of Alice
  • Zombie Kill of the Week Reborn
  • The Walking Vegetables
  • UNBOX : Newbie’s Adventure

Holy Fury DLC for CK2 @ $10 (50% off from $20)

This is likely a pricing error given Paradox’s historical pricing patterns (generally takes 6M for 33% to appear and 9M to reach the first 50% discount)


Anyone who has ever liked CK2 should get this. It’s a fantastic expansion that can really make the game feel like a new experience.


Crosscode is on sale for 25% off at

19.99 14.99

It’s a 2D ARPG that was nominated in the 2018 Quarterlies thread as an outstanding game, and something I’ve been keeping my own eye on because of the praise I’ve heard for it around here.


Are your Vitamin A(nime) levels low? Grab the Fruitbat Factory Bundle from Fanatical and refresh with 4 tiers starting at $1.00. Tons of 100% Orange Juice content, ManaCollect, War of the Human Tanks stuff, Miniature Garden and more.

Also at Fanatical, Middle Earth : Shadow of War - Definitive Edition is only $17.99 (70%). That’s a historic low.

Steam Daily Deal is Warhammer 40K : Gladius - Relics of War for $29.99 (25%). Get the Complete Edition for $47.94 (30%).
Midweek Madness features Graveyard Keeper for $14.99 (25%)
Also on sale this week is tactical TBS game Warbanners, $8.99(55%) on it’s own or $9.54 with it’s Death Speaker DLC ($0.55 for the DLC is a near 90% price cut).


The Humble Double Fine Presents Bundle. Some well-regarded stuff in this one, very eclectic mix.


THOTH is pretty good (twin stick shooter with very abstract graphics). It can be pretty challenging (at least me me), but I made it to the end.


That does look like a great bundle. @Rod_Humble already has me wanting “Everything” from the $10 tier.


Fanatical Star Deal today is Okami HD for $9.49. If you missed this beautiful game the first time around, the HD version features even more vivid artwork and full widescreen support.

Also on Fanatical, the Aspyr Pix-A-Mix Bundle offers 27 games and DLC to choose from at $12.99 for any 3 or $19.99 for any 5. $4 each is a decent deal for many of these titles that include:

  • Borderlands : The Pre-Sequel
  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Homeworld Remastered Collection
  • Mafia III
  • Civilization V and DLC
  • Star Wars KotOR games, Jedi Knight games and Force Unleashed

If you’ve been on the fence about Elite : Dangerous, Humble Store has the Elite : Dangerous Commander Deluxe Edition on sale for 48 hours for only $12.95. Includes the base game, the Commander Pack goodies and the Horizons Season Pass. That is a historic low for all the content in this pack.

Humble also has Civilization VI Digital Deluxe Edition for only $21.59. Contains the base game plus 6 civilization/scenario packs.

Also, one of the most unique strategy games of 2018, Tooth and Tail is only $4.49. They also have Planet Coaster for $9.71, a historic low.
NOTE : All of the above Humble Store prices assume the Monthly discount.

IndieGala has a new Daedalic Games Bundle live.

  • $1 for Whispered World Special Edition, A new Beginning : Final Cut, and Caravan
  • $4.99 adds Blackguards, The Franz Kafka Videogame, The Dark Eye : Chains of Satinav, and Deponia
  • $8.99 unlocks Candle, Crazy Machines 3, and Anna’s Quest

Steam Daily Deal today is the genetics-based survival game Niche for $6.12 (66%).
They’ve also put Early Access RPG Legends of Ellaria on sale for $11.89 (30%). This one looks interesting to me, and I’m curious if anyone has any experience with it.


Really wonder if Elite is even worth it at that price. I have heard many, many criticisms of “mile wide, inch deep” regarding it, and my favorite comment of the week is someone on RPS saying that “the big news is ‘some players are going from here to there’” about some player-run thing.