Bargain Thread 2019

Love taking money from Bezos’ pocket. God knows I’ve put enough in there over the years.

Yeah, you’re right on that score. Is Gears 4 pretty good? I played the first one through on the 360 back when. I’d play it on the PC now… someday.

Given that, I should probably skip it.

LOL! This deal got even better for me since Amazon applied the $5 credit I got for buying a GC on Prime Day, making gears a little over $5 after tax. That $5 credit was going to expire in September, so now I get it replaced with a $15 credit that’s good through December 31st.

Thanks Bezos! (and @wilykat for posting it!)

Beats me, I have no plans to install it, I just wanted Bezos’ five buckaroos.

I don’t know if they sold out of copies or realized their mistake but I GoW is still in the top banner but it is no longer available to buy on that page.

Oh weird, I must’ve just sneaked in before the change. Ridiculous deal on TLOU, easily one of the best PS3/PS4 games ever made.

Yep, everything is over fifteen bucks now. Gotta move fast!

I’ve thought about getting that, since it’s a PS exclusive and so well regarded, but it also sounds like it’s quite the emotional gut punch from what a friend at work tells me about it.

That’s part of what makes it so good, but well worth the journey.



Nice. Only two games showed up for me, but I grabbed TLOU for $17. I had some miscellaneous credits lying around that made it $15, then chose a delayed shipping option for another $1 back. Altogether with tax it should be a wash. So free game, yippee!

Grey Goo Definitive edition is $1 over at Fanatical (Steam key).

That’s the RTS that came out, I think Tom (2 Stars) and others gave it a negative review at the time so I never really gave it any mind space again. Worth checking out for $1 anyone?

It’s a basic and fairly dull RTS, but you could do a hell of a lot worse for $1, and the soundtrack alone is worth that price as far as I’m concerned (which conveniently comes with the Definitive Edition). I don’t think any of the work Petroglyph did on it post-release would have been enough to change anyone’s overall impression of the game, though.

Fanatical has the PayDay 2 Ultimate Bundle live for $4.49. Ultimate Bundle comes with PayDay 2 and 36 DLC, so the DLC alone could make it worth picking up for folks who already own the base game.

Fanatical also has Yakuza Zero for a historic low $9.39. They also offer the Yakuza Pack for $21.99 which contains both Yakuza Zero and Yakuza Kiwami (a remastered version of the original Yakuza), but you’re only saving a couple of bucks off the combined price with the current Yakuza 0 special.

Buy one of these games from Amazon for $15, and get a $15 credit a week later. Currently available are Fallout 76 PS4, TLoU Remastered PS4, and The Sims 4 PC. Must be an Amazon and Twitch prime member.

Note it must be sold by amazon, not a third-party fulfilled by amazon. F76 might be out of stock right now. But you shouldn’t buy that piece of garbage anyway, even for free.

I picked up TLoU for the hell of it. I don’t even own a PS4.

Hey all, the Dishonored 2 “expandalone” Death of the Outsider is at a historic low of $5.99 on Steam and Humble, and even a bit less there if you’re a Monthly subscriber.

EDIT: I swear to God, if the Google keyboard “corrects” “if” to “of” ONE MORE TIME I can’t be held responsible for my actions.

PSN has a sale on. Lots of big stuff on sale.

Look only at my personal wishlist, these four games are on sale:

Tetris Effect $25
Shadow of the Colossus $13
The Last of Us Remastered $15
Rez Infinite $15

(What is Rez Infinite? It’s like Rez HD on the 360, but has VR support I believe, and has one extra song that wasn’t in the Dreamcast and 360 versions. So, I do want to play it for that song. And as an excuse to play through Rez HD for a fifth time, of course).

yes, everyone buy Death if the Outsider!

It could be worse. Imagine of it was the other way around?