Bargain Thread 2020

A new Adventure Pick & Mix Bundle is live at Fanatical. 3 titles for $2.99, 5 for $3.99 or 7 for $4.99. 20 titles to choose from including severla Sherlock Holmes games, The Sexy Brutale and Fall of Light among others.

The Star Deal today is F1 2019 : Legends Edition for $17.49 (75%). That is a historical low.

Survival RPG Outward is $13.99 (65%), which is close to a historic low.

A collection of 8 new-to-bundle HOGs, the Cryptic Bundle 9 is only $1.99 and features My Brother Rabbit, which is well worth $2 all on it’s own for it’s amazing artwork and music.

Bored in quarantine? Play the Elder Scrolls Online for FREE now through April 13th (via Bethesda, not Steam), and grab the Elsweyr Edition (which contains the base game, Morrowind, Sommerset and Elsweyr expansions) from GreenManGaming for $14.52 (71%). Activates via ESO, not Steam.

GreenManGaming has the just released Mount & Blade II : Bannerlord for $35.24 (by far the lowest price available) for VIPs using a unique voucher code from the VIP page at the site. All you need to do to be a “VIP” at GMG is to have created an account there and purchased something in the past. If you sign in with your account info, you’ll be able to see the VIP deals.

If for some reason you can’t take advantage of the GMG deal, the best alternative price I can find on Mount and Blade II : Bannerlord is $39.95 (20%) at WinGameStore.

Also at GreenManGaming:
No Man’s Sky for $25.50 (57%)
Age of Wonders : Planetfall for $22.00 (56%)

Humble Choice April is live. Games include Hitman 2, Gris, Bard’s Tale IV : Director’s Cut, Driftland : The Magic Revival, Opus Magnum, This is the Police 2, and more. Choice members pick 10, or new subscribers can pick 9 games for $20 or 3 games for $15. All subscribers this month will receive a bonus free game (same title for everyone).

Gamebillet has it for $20.79.

Ohh, nice find! At $20 NMS is a great deal. So fun!

90% off

Reviews of the new episode are pretty good.
It’s missing the extra expansions the older Megaton had.

Hahah. There was no need for Duke Nukem 4ever, they just had to wait long enough for retro shooters to be cool again and make a new episode for Duke Nukem 3D. That’s awesome.

Yup, I’m grabbing that. Many fond memories, although I wonder if the conversion to true 3D (minus the sprite enemies, I’m sure) might have messed up some of the mechanics.

The Humble Store has it for $38.24 if you’re a subscriber. Not much less, but it’s something. GMG is still a better deal.

Temporarily free, grab the Sieges dlc too.

and a soundtrack deal… 2$. I’ve easily spent over a hundred hours listening to these. The game is great too.

Here’s a few:

Zaccaria Pinball has some new 70% off table bundles:

There are free versions to try before you buy. I grabbed the bottom one.

Pinball Arcade also has 25% off the table packs:

If you’re one of us who bought everything before Williams left you’re missing Star Trek in Stern 1, Mustang in Stern 2, and everything in Stern 3. Mustang is this month’s free play, and it’s fun.

Fanatical Easter Eggstravaganza Spring Sale is live. A New Mystery Egg Bundle for $6.99 contains 10 mystery Steam keys and the chance at uncovering a Golden Egg worth $1000 in games. My take : I’m not a fan of mystery gambling bundles, and Fanatical does not have a great history of quality when it comes to these.

The Star Deal today is Soul Calibur VI for $13.79 (77%).

Steam has over 1000 Weeklong Deals. Mostly the usual dreck, but some highlights include:

This one was very good. Well worth the price if you like this kind of game.

Humble Stardock Strategy Bundle is live. Three Tiers.

Pay $1 and receive Steam keys for:

  • Dead Man’s Draw
  • Sorcerer King : Rivals

BTA (currently $10) and add:

  • Galactic Civilizations III
  • Gal Civ III : Crusade expansion
  • Gal Civ III : Retributions expansion
  • Gal Civ III : Mega Events DLC
  • (note that I believe it says all of these are a single Steam key)

Pay $13 and unlock:

  • Star Control : Origins
  • Star Control : Origins - Earth Rising expansion pack
  • Star Control : Origins - Original Soundtrack
  • Star Control I & II
  • Star Control III
  • Gal Civ III : Intrigue expansion pack
  • Ashes of the Singularity : Escalation

WinGameStore has No Man’s SKy for $20.88 (65%). If you need a quarantine time killer NMS certainly fits the bill.

They also have Fallout 4 : GOTY for $13.98 (77%)

Free 2 months of Stadia Pro starting, well, soon (but not this instant, didn’t work for me yet). This includes 10 games but the only one you probably care about is the exclusive, Gylt.

Dominions 5 is cheaper at Gamergate I think. 20 dollars?

100$ used PSVR headset & processor box.

Does not come with the PS4 camera (required for VR games)
Move controllers aren’t required, but not having them limits you to 1/2 the games.

It’s gamestop so they could be all scratched up or filthy or whatever. At this price I’d have considered buying a second one for guests & to use with glasses. I mostly use mine to watch netflix & blurays, and it even plays the 3D ones.

How is the full GC 3 experience compared to GC 2?

Uplay+ subscription is $6.99 for first month till May.

Green Man Gaming has a spring sale going on until April 23rd.

Guys, my favorite racing game, Bloody Rally Show, is on sale at a historic low. GET IT!

A game I’ve raved about a bunch–Walden, a game–is free for teachers, and now that includes parents who are teaching their kids at home. If anyone happens to be in that boat, the details are here:

Walden isn’t edutainment, but it is a really good game that is deeply informed by the actual content of Thoreau’s work. It’s also genuinely gorgeous, with full day/night and seasonal cycles around a nicely rendered Walden pond.