Bargain Thread 2022

“as well as a fresh lineup of free games, including Far Cry 4, Escape from Monkey Island, Astrologaster, Across the Grooves, Calico and WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship .”

That was a decent reminder to grab the current month of games. And then I realized (after getting the Amazon Games app to view them) that I have 333 free games sitting there unplayed.

The world is insane. What am I supposed to do with another 333 games added to my backlog?

Imagine wrapping them around you like a virtual blanket.

Amuse yourself to death.



Pure unbridled joy in that man.

Haha, awesome capture, Tyler XD

Hahahaha amazing.

That is one crazy reticle.

Every reticle matches that exact ship so you can glance at what’s firing, what’s damaged, how many missiles left. It’s brilliant design. Sir.

Why are the Steam reviews mixed?

Because people were upset it was an Epic exclusive first. It’s fucking maddening.

I mean hey, if you don’t wanna believe me that it’s the best space dogfighter since Freespace 2, I mean, that’s fine. What do I know about space games, right? ;)

It’s also Rebel Galaxy, which means very unique esthetics this side of Cargo Commander. I know I loved the game, but I couldn’t get into it because of it (I never could get into Borderlands either. I’m a failiure as a gamer!).

Absurd and lead to driving one of my favorite devs away from the industry. That and People suck.
RGO is freaking awesome and I bought a copy for the switch just because I thought my daughter might let me play on it…haha no. Now I patiently await my steam deck so I can play it everywhere as God intended.

That may have been a reason Travis left the industry, but I suspect it was a case of greener pastures in the audiobook narration business – he’s probably made a nice bundle narrating the Will Wight books. He’s also written a book that’s out now, and he got a deal with TOR UK for it. He seems to be doing quite well.

Sweet I’ll grab that for sure. He did indicate on here that all the grief he got and assholes on the net certainly soured him on the gaming industry. Having an alternative in the voice over biz full of nice people made it an easy choice. Kudos for him, sad for me but I don’t blame him one bit. Voice over work is fun, I did a whole campaign for milk back in the late 80’s. Milk, it does a body good!

I just mentioned Autoduel remake in another thread and when I win the lotto I will throw a lot of money at him to make that for me in the Rebel Galaxy vein. Same music, art style, etc. It would be perfect! Surely, he will come out of retirement for that!

What Brian said, what Left_Empty said, and also (if you look through the reviews) a lot of folks were disappointed it wasn’t a truer sequel to Rebel Galaxy, which was doing something pretty unique (naval-style capital ship combat in space) whereas this is a much more traditional space dogfighter.

Just fucking buy it already people. Geezus.

IIRC, Brian really loved the guy’s death scream in Star Explorers when you run out of oxygen or whatever fatal mishap befalls one exploring strange new alien worlds ;)

You are not wrong sir.

I have the physical version currently sitting on my desk; I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read, although I haven’t given myself much reading time to dive into it. I’m legendarily awful at time management, lol.